You need to have entrepreneurial Douding network

in 2010 the new year, some people grow up, grow need to feed themselves. (it seems embarrassed) venture is a never outdated topic, there are a bunch of people out of business every day, but you should ask me where the best business, where is the most profitable, Douding will still tell you the "Internet" to everybody below it so Douding network business you need to have.

1 hobbies

interest is the best teacher. If your entrepreneurial way is your own hobbies, so I think you very good poineering road. Some people have such statistics, the job is their own interests, then the job turnover rate is the lowest. It can be said that the program is the soul of a website, then your hobby is the soul of your business, so choose your interests, is the root of your network entrepreneurship.

2 Market Research

network is nothing more than selling services, selling products. Then the bad point is to engage in wangzhuan. Sell product services before you have to do the full market investigation, your customers are those your sales target population is what? You once again to ensure the quality of your service products better, I personally think that your character is better, the service attitude of some problems. Why do I say Wangzhuan is bad, because this thing is a Wangzhuan people to make money, but if you think about it, how much money, the Internet every day to find a project and how many


3 your location

positioning is also a learning. If you don’t believe me, just say that I want to learn. The more than and 10 picture stand, considering you so, your costs and your returns are equal? So we should combine the above said, look at your hobbies with your ability to do you think you can do at present, to the future development, do the worst, do the best development.

4 profit model

the world’s profit model can be copied, you see, as Tang Jun said, "my success can be copied," but so many profit models in the world, you have to choose those who are suitable for their own. In fact, each project can make money, just look at what you do it. Other people’s profit model is only to pave the way for your success, or to succeed in their own innovation.

5 start-up capital

network start-up phase, the fund should not start a lot, if you want to make money to refuse, then I do not comment. You do not pay more than 50% of the initial start-up funds, or pay is proportional to the risk, so we have to learn to control the risk of

6 friends brother

this last point is very important, so your connections must be better, but as far as I know, most of the webmaster is Indoorsman. The real brothers a few, but a lot of wine. So we learn to operate their own connections, but the premise must be your character is better. I need to add for example, QQ >

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