You can not think of the mad money type of web search site

the Internet because of the low threshold to attract more and more people have engaged in this industry, the result often is not satisfactory, the real money is not much. Novice webmaster due to lack of experience and not willing to use their brains and are often heard of drift, what others do stand to make money, then follow like a swarm of bees do, do most also rely on a large collection of garbage station. In fact, the Internet is a huge gold mine, there are many areas to be developed, but you did not expect it. Here is a list of the types of crazy money I’ve found.

the green safety website opened a public web channel, which has a column called public tracing, is specially included in search of the missing abducted children welfare website. During a search site to apply included, exchanges between the two sides a bit, I think this station can also be included, ready. But look carefully, but found the missing information released at this station is to be charged, and the public welfare purpose draw further apart, refused. Later a few search site to apply included, because of its for-profit nature, are not successful, but I also began to pay attention to this website, according to the observation and communication, found that this type of website is not only to make money, but money.

search website of missing information, not only missing abducted children, and get lost, away from home, sometimes to assist the public security organs issued notice that the shi. The proportion of the number of service charges vary, I found that there is a large flow point tracing station, release the information most is to collect fees, charges not only home, even on the same page as correct, of course the price is different according to the location, from several hundred to several hundred dollars. A rough calculation, according to a monthly average of 50 yuan count information, the release of the one hundred information there are $5000. Some sites even not allow publishers into remuneration, announced their contact information, only to the site to contact the person in charge, to provide information only contact tracing website, if you can provide real and effective information and find the website twenty percent from smoking. Those fees are generally a few million, you can count the number of twenty percent. Those who can not find people, mostly worried, very willing to spend money.

in the website promotion, if you do it, it is not difficult, the main way is viral promotion. Allow pages missing free release of abducted children, in children with photos of missing information and web site, and then released to the QQ group and forum, and asking people to help forward. Because people are very sympathetic to the parents of abducted children, so this information will not be treated as advertising out, also volunteered to help a large number of forward, to achieve effective viral promotion, can bring a lot of traffic for long-term effective site. Tracing station will actively attract media attention, once the media as a public website to praise reports, can greatly enhance the website image and brand, will greatly improve the flow immediately.

Another advantage of

is that it is fairly simple to maintain, as long as the database is created

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