Collar NO5 Christmas Charm ceremony gifts!

dear affiliate member:

on Christmas Day 2007, NO5 Fashion Square makes you charming "gift"! Let’s say: Merry Christmas!

carefully prepared for you, Christmas gifts to send non-stop


1, the amount of the order in 100-199 yuan to send:

crystal jewelry box (trumpet)

fruit series timer


cream blush

beauty mouse pad

(more than four gifts to send a random)

2, the amount of the order in 200-399 yuan to send:

crystal jewelry box (large)

portable multifunctional stainless steel tableware combination

portable flashlight

(more than three gifts to send a random)

3, the amount of the order in 400-799 yuan to send:

super cute tableware three piece set

4, the order amount of more than 800 yuan to send:

super cute high vacuum insulation Cup

activity description:

1, each order is limited to a gift.

2, the above amount does not include the cost of distribution and the purchase of goods within the car, the amount of goods auction.

3, gifts will automatically add

in the shopping cart

3, such as returns need to return gifts.

4, activity time: December 5, 2007 -12 month, 25

activity page:

linktech alliance


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