enjoy the soft monthly income of million

wrote the title and he felt sick — even though it was true.

but has been looking at the webmaster of other people send the soft Wen comments – a large part of the webmaster is with a kind of think smart tone: AD or soft. For this kind of webmaster I have some hate, because they can’t see others send soft Wen, but he especially want to send.

beauty like to see ads, because advertising represents the standard of beauty;

look ugly hate ads, ads more because of her ugly


enjoy advertising is also a kind of realm, will not enjoy the school to enjoy it.

For example,

cosmetics advertising, which is really beautiful and refined beauty, watching the mood; also know that advertising is false, but the fact is beautiful, and there are a lot of people will tell us some knowledge of skin care, even the knowledge of science and technology, both enjoy the beauty, but also learned knowledge, awfully!


started from the station, I like to read the text. The first thing to see is an article to promote the registration of friends, the author said in detail in the text how to promote the registration of this network in life, the monthly profit of nearly ten thousand yuan. At the time when it is DHD free of charge from the hot, I learned he advertised in life, DM advertising, television advertising, said the festival visitors * * * * feedback activities, complimentary Japanese cosmetics brand DHD trial installation, please a station for free. That month I earned 6000 yuan on the advertisement. This article it is intended to promote this dating advertising, I hope more Adsense put it ad. From what I know, reality can also promote the network, so I make money!!

see after that, I especially love the text, including the author of crystallization much wisdom, and how much is our negligence or unknown things? Look soft, I know how GG advertising more effective; see soft Wen, I understand the various practices flow; soft Wen, I understand the original SEO you can do it; see soft Wen, finally understand how network……

network is very large, very broad, but the hearts of people too narrow suffocating. Look at the disgusting "after AD, soft words, feel the need to say: as a webmaster, stand long, carrying the dissemination of culture, ideas and knowledge…… Lead a task, whether the task is you will or not, people do the site, you are the bearer. See others good, do not see others do…… This is what attitude? Stand lattice sites, people have personality; even if you can’t stand the garbage station grid, how can you not keep a little personality? Give others a fair evaluation of the soft, to other owners more care, give yourself a more peaceful state of mind…… This is an important thing to do the necessary qualities. If you can’t do this, you’ll have to dump your trash.

because I enjoy the soft, and now I have dozens of sites, more than a dozen employees; do Taobao collection (with software), CPA

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