Shandong allows college students to drop out a maximum length of 8 years of entrepreneurship


newspaper in Ji’nan on 9 May, (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Xing Ting) Shandong will implement flexible educational system in Colleges and universities, allowing college students to leave school business, the duration can be extended to a maximum of 8 years to complete the required academic students timely issuance of certificate, according to the term audit qualification, degree granting for the employment registration formalities. This reporter learned from the Shandong provincial government held a press conference on 9.

recently, Shandong Province issued "on the comprehensive reform of higher education" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), on the comprehensive reform of higher education in Shandong has made the overall plan, put forward to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education, enhance the innovation ability of College students.

according to the Shandong Provincial Education Department deputy director Guo Jianlei introduced the "opinions" clearly put forward the relevant measures in the implementation of flexible educational system, including: set up a scientific and rational innovation and Entrepreneurship of compulsory and elective courses, practice courses into credit management; improve the proportion of agriculture and Medicine Specialty Practice Credits proportion gradually reached above 30%, the humanities and social science more than 20% teachers; improve to the enterprises and grass-roots practice system, and as an important basis for the evaluation of professional titles employed; continue to implement college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program, 100 university students each year to merit support innovation and entrepreneurship training program etc..

addition, in improving the governance structure, promoting the construction of modern university system, put forward the "opinions", stick to and perfect the president responsibility system under the Party leadership, establish system to school constitution as the core, improve the Party committee (Committee) and the principal’s office meeting system, perfect the academic Committee, school board system, the establishment of the total the accounting system of University, strengthen the financial supervision.

the "opinions" put forward reform of credit system, to explore the comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate admission and other enrollment system reform, expand enrollment autonomy, improve the training mode of Higher Vocational Colleges and undergraduate segment through, vocational and undergraduate, develop professional directory, optimization of major layout, the implementation of dynamic management.

the "opinions" put forward the implementation of total control of personnel filing system, to determine the teaching and scientific research, teaching organization and staffing of the total by the independent colleges and universities, to develop their own post setting scheme, arrange execution plan, independent open recruitment of talents. The original identity of the establishment of personnel records, the total amount of control to enjoy the same treatment. "This is a major measure of personnel reform, the purpose is to encourage colleges and universities to more scientific and rational allocation of human resources, the formation of dynamic personnel management system." Deputy director of Shandong Provincial Office of the Committee Liu Shuwei said that the Department is currently working on the implementation of the total scheme of the filing system of higher school personnel control of Shandong provincial public, plans to be completed at the end of June work plan, and promote the implementation of.

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