Li Qiuxiang, escape out of the millions of Fujie

is a rural migrant to the chairman of an enterprise, from the company’s chairman to hundreds of companies to the president of the chamber of Commerce, her excellent non ordinary people can imagine, I was in Dongsheng, I have the honor to interview Ms. chairman Li Qiuxiang Xi Mu appliances today, let him to share her experience, the following articles are our interviews and.

suffering shaping character, the dream of life

is a kind of thing, it carries people hope this kind of thing does, it can not be seen or touched, but it can produce a great power in the heart, it is called a dream. Human beings are great because of their dreams. People who don’t have dreams will never have a successful day. Some people want to have a luxurious car…… With a dream, life will be full of vision, full of passion. For the purpose of striving for a lifetime.

my name is Li Qiuxiang, born in Shaanxi, Zhouzhi County, parents are fleeing to Shaanxi from Henan. When a small family home, eight sisters, I drew from the sensible, see the old grandma every day to eat whole grains fill the belly. I was distressed, I vowed to change the family situation, to make a better life for her grandmother was five, the dream is to come out from the village, to rely on their own efforts to change the life of the family, the family from Zhouzhi to Xi’an.

entrepreneurship from the beginning of contact with the enterprise

after graduating from high school, my first job is to do the apprenticeship in Xi’an red metal craft factory, monthly salary is only 18 yuan, when the girls had to stay at home, my behavior is our first person there, everyone in the family as I pinched to sweat, but my heart is clear do not go out, there is no way to find a better way at that time, my dream is to go out and rely on their own hard work to improve the quality of life of his family, his family from Zhouzhi to Xi’an.

Institute of technology as soon as possible, I do not know the day to ask the master, night after work alone in the workshop on electroplating processing, plate production process, to the Shaanxi province library to find books on weekends. In order to practice skills, I am free for many of the street facade shop signs, a year later, I am more mature technology.

in 1981, I have become the technical backbone of the metal processing plant, the plant was only less than 10 people to support the team, the factory has no money, lack of equipment. Many products of the process are not perfect, I will work with you to improve the technology and methods, working 14 to 18 hours a day, through our unremitting efforts. We solved the technical problems one after another, and soon I grew up as one of the top companies.

seize the opportunity to be their own boss

reform and opening up the spring breeze to the northwest, in 1985 the state promulgated a new policy, individuals can contract business. I contracted our factory. At that time, entrepreneurship difficulties. No background, no contacts

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