Love Shanghai website 301 redirect pro test

because of the space problem, the website A for about 45 days can not access the site, leaving a home value to strong snapshot in August 24th. Web site keywords is not popular, so the ranking is still. After in October 10th the 301 jump to the B station, B station behind gradually found that the website weight significantly, many do not have words, difficult words are themselves up. And now search for some A station B station is not completely unique, keywords, B station has these rankings, and A station ranking is better than before. Here we can see that the A station 301 redirection, its weight is superimposed to B station.

finally, love Shanghai’s technology has been greatly improved, and recently love Shanghai frequently updated rankings, almost every move a few days ago, is no longer completely every Thursday to mobilize ranking times, the other day at K station in Shanghai more, increase the punishment for the black hat Shanghai dragon, technical ability love in Shanghai is greatly improved. So now do Shanghai dragon must make the white hat Shanghai dragon, black hat Shanghai Longfeng not long is not easy to do, in fact, I think, is not faster than the white hat Shanghai dragon black hat Shanghai dragon, better.

seems beside the point, well, love Shanghai to upgrade the 301 redirect technology and remarkable. Before the Zac on his blog to do a 301 redirect, Google responded quickly, the love of Shanghai is relatively slow, a few months.

in October 10th, the website A made 301 jump to the B station, just found all the keywords A website all transferred to the B station, the station does not include B keywords to search for B station. Today is 27, Shanghai 301 do not know love force long before it has forgotten to observe. But at least we can see that love Shanghai time response to a 301 redirect is greatly shortened, the reaction ability greatly improved. Before many people love Shanghai for 301 is not cold, the fact that love Shanghai technical ability to handle 301 redirection has been greatly improved, the reaction time was shortened for two weeks.

people love Shanghai for 301 redirect the effective time is different, the high weight website effect is fast, low weight site effective time is relatively slow. The expert’s theory is the fact that the overthrow of. A station of the weight, but is not high, the ranking is also some popular keywords ranking, love station can not find any ranking. A station is my application domain, a hand built, the website today to 1 years 3 months, more dynamic pages, page URL parameters, and the site since January 24th this year, after not updated, the beginning of August 24th, the website is not accessible due to the space problem. So, A could not stand the weight high, but the 301 jump time effect within two weeks is very fast. This also shows that love Shanghai 301 redirect is effective as of equal treatment for all sites, and no high weight fast force low weight website said long effective time.


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