The new owners talk how to make love Shanghai back to you

love Shanghai included normal, I summed up the following points:

third day in Shanghai included into the 59 page, see this change of heart is cold, I think this soon. Good is included in the same love Shanghai, does not decrease nor increase. This makes me relieved. I checked on the net, if the site for space or server, love of Shanghai will have the test period, after this period may be slowly recognized for your website. These days I did not idle ha, constantly update the content, make good quality Links, to weight high website, micro-blog Bo tube or space the original articles with a link to the site, the site plan did not stop. Until August 10 included love Shanghai has changed, ha ha is very exciting, from the time of 59 to more than 100, today is 598, Google search, etc. included also increased.




July 18th record down, I began to arrange the site, can come to love Shanghai included the same snapshot not update, stay in June 24th, included the number of page 159. So I am everywhere on the Internet to find solutions, finally heard a friend say love Shanghai can update snapshot snapshot complaints website.

how to make love Shanghai back to you, this is all the owners are most concerned about the new owners and headache, I in the site also encountered similar problems and get a better solution, here to talk about my experience and the corresponding countermeasures, hope for the new webmaster help.


used to read a lot of post, the site for the record is all the new owners are vulnerable ah, so I went to get a foreign space, in a space free for the record is very good, I can do is share website speed is slow and the state space is too small, can not meet the requirements of friends sharing website. Finally decided to buy cloud hosting, this is the right decision, the domestic cloud hosting is filed.

I was in August 4th snapshot complaints, strange to say morning afternoon complaints have changed, the snapshot is updated to August 4th, fell in love with the sea included suddenly rose to 1440, but good times don’t last long. The second day in Shanghai included a back 159 snapshot or no change in August 4th. My love is not worried about Shanghai to my K site.

someone may ask, your site has been four months, how the record came down before July, why not record it.

June 25, 2012 I submitted the site for the record, the July 18th record down for twenty-three days, during which the record is always looking down as soon as possible, because this is the first time I do stand and record, no experience did not grasp, only wait, live as feeling.


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