Push BOY+ overbearing President 94 years of entrepreneurial boy three times, even a success!

Abstract: from primary school to university, monitor, sports committee, Student Council Secretary, chairman of the student union and the name stuck with him, he is now working in a much larger than their own management staff. There are more than and 300 people in the United States to push the team, and these people are not buying.

an hour earlier to around to the meeting place made 100 copies of leaflets

!94 years

has pushed the small meat attributes of Boy and overbearing president, it is easy to think with founder Gao Yu.

first met the impressive: even so hard, cold myself doing push.

and so on, he actually before he also created a two industry, so the fight is not SEI!

for the first time: the establishment of an ideological education to help domestic junior high school students to apply for DIY high school in the United states.

second: the feast, at home and abroad through the forum, reception and party form polymerization elite (Note: not you imagine the rendez vous!


people at a young age to love things, gathered are elite returnees.

scene is like this:



the right face for Gao Yu, Keke, is the feast in Western dress and leather shoes.

is easy to think of Gao Yu in 2013 with his partner and founder of the Shang Xiao together, specifically for students to solve the problem of cross-border payment of tuition fees, this is his third venture.

is a typical family in the eyes of others.

his heart is full of Beijing man kind of anger, are not convinced of all challenges.

his life is full of logic, "you can do, I can not do anything.".

such a character let him touch a lot of nails, but he also has a loose circle and flexible management method.

eventually all the difficulties should be smoothly done or easily solved.


he’s really such a cynical face, the target is the stars of the sea.

life test, the United States


at the age of 15, parents sent him to the United States in high school, he became the first senior high school students China this.

the strange environment and language differences, just a month to go to he is on the verge of collapse, learning can not keep up, life is not to friends, all affected, was abused.

and the school rules only in a fixed time to use the phone, my mother a little heart, afraid of his depression or autism or even intend to let him second days to buy tickets to return home, give him a night time to consider.

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