The difference between Shanghai Longfeng ZhengZhan optimization with traditional keyword optimizatio

What is the

is also called the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website optimization, is a use of technology search engine ranking rules, to improve the site in the search engine rankings, so as to obtain more target customers access to the site. Now users are accustomed to using search engines to find their own products or services, so many websites hope to improve search engine rankings by Shanghai Longfeng way, because the site only to be seen, will have the value of existence, it can be said that in the search engine, if the customer is not you will find. Find your competitors, therefore, whether it is from the offensive or defensive perspective, enterprises should not be lost this position of search engine.

The effect of

in fact, this kind of understanding, very wrong.

ZhengZhan optimization

customers will search "Dalian machine", but many customers will search "Dalian machine which good" "Dalian machine tool sales company" "Dalian" lathe "Dalian machine tool accessories", I can cite hundreds of search related content, it is clear that the customer is Dalian Tongda Machine Tool company’s target customers, if machine tool enterprises only do a "Dalian machine", it will lose 80% business opportunities.

because the shift found not to move on the network marketing for many years, every industry has numerous keywords, ranging from a few hundred to more than tens of thousands of, an industry with so many words, which is not what row row. It is a popular keywords, but the reality is that less than 20% of the popular keyword search volume only accounted for the entire industry keywords search volume, and the entire industry search volume 80% is composed of hundreds of long tail keywords, so that enterprises will be located in Shanghai dragon eye words, is very one-sided the.

3, more will be the search engine to search keywords, and Everfount bring traffic from search engines.

2, the search engine is more and more short snapshot update date.

any enterprise, were unable to do so to spend some money, the monopoly of search engines, how to search in their own home, it is certainly not realistic, ZhengZhan optimization is the same, although it can not guarantee that each user keywords are on the home page, but it can ensure that the enterprise can be in the same investment under the premise, through the long tail a large number of keywords, to maximize the search engine to attract more potential customers visit. ZhengZhan optimization is currently on the Internet the most cost-effective way of network marketing, network marketing is the basic work of all activities.

For example, we believe that


ZhengZhan optimization is compared with the traditional keyword optimization, before many companies may be more or less there will be some understanding of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is a position that I spend much money to make a key row in the fall in love with the sea is Shanghai longfeng.

ZhengZhan optimized

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