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Abstract: college entrance examination has been eight years, the Internet is also the age of four degrees. The college entrance examination, choose the "test" word for contempt; University, choose the "big" word can spread to the world also. This article only in the name of the college entrance examination to write the reality of College students.

college entrance examination, choose the "test" word for contempt; University, choose the "big" word can spread to the world also.

long for decades, the college entrance examination to college students, like the Internet, accomplish the whole task at one stroke, win or nothing, is a niche in the temple of fame.

"one in the list is not small, jiquanshengtian"; "college entrance examination as jade, a slight blemish" also is big. University Students in the past, only the gold and jade, brittle without solidity. Today’s college students, like Internet plus water, originated from the East, I should be more rivers go to the sea, the recovery of personality, with my color.

more than Changsi Internet thinking, all in awe. Each read this, have no sweat wet Jin also. The thunder millet, called the air; western music Pavilion, that is breathtaking. The Ali, Ma TA pagoda West Lake post Daobao sound, North Baidu, imperator Li built Baidu brain thousands of female fans. All responsibility in the shoulder, are forced by. So those people choose the good from it, choosing the poor instead, today is also known. But many people lost, but also to be. The University, in the knowledge, the details of knowledge, one day.

Taishan let the soil, so it can become rich; the sea is not the small streams, so it becomes the sea; the Internet without distinction, to begin. Students must remember, can also wear a flaw in a jade baton. This is pure, not to. Where a bank, regardless of our family of Xike leakage Yu; with, whether all such as Yun cloth robe of. In such as chrysanthemum, stick to the when to lose to; as to the Liang Jun, when went to trinidad. College students own words, great saphenous 100, by analogy, the University, in the mind, must not be floating in the world.

Internet as the ruling power, entrepreneurs are WenJiQiWu, like cooking a small fish, sharpening, but can the speaker, can do little to burn more energy, less profit, sum up four: no threshold to torii, threshold to torii, no threshold not torii, there the threshold is not torii. First, Yangaoshoudi, such as too small so; second, such as killing him; act with undue haste, third, as for the status quo, however; fourth, make persistent efforts, such as the low profile. 91 financial Xu Gonggeng, Internet, University, major in early heart not forget also.

first thinking, after the internet. Internet thinking has nine sons, each are not identical, called user, simple, extreme, iterative, flow, social, big data, cross platform. Understand the users who need to understand the sense of participation; understand the minimalist, will understand the attention; understand the acme, must understand the death; understand iterative, agile development must understand; understand the flow, will understand the long tail; understand society, need to understand the word of mouth; understand big data, need to understand the ecological, understand cross-border >

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