The search engine to determine whether the original content of the website article principle

then the search engine for the original judgment is how it? Spider search engine indexing procedures through hypertext links to web site, and through the station to the page.

now most visitors come from the search engine, to access the number, by more people cognition, the most important thing is to be the major search engines more items, and ranked as possible before. So what do I do to make fast search engine website content and ranking? Xiaobian have spoken before website construction enterprises how to do search engine optimization and promotion of the website is completed, then today Xiaobian will discuss with you the original content.

second, content analysis: analysis of the basic idea and the title should be similar, but there are differences. Because the amount of information content than the amount of information title is larger, so it is necessary to have a more complex algorithm. Because the content is generally very long, it is not possible for the analysis of matching keywords, only to a sentence or a paragraph of the horse. But the horse should still be in range of search terms related to the title of the article database. The content analysis method is random field interception long, then this field before and after the content analysis. If the current page and content database engine has the same field and before and after similar, that this article is a non original.


first need to clear a concept: the network search engine on the judgment of the original can be understood as the first appeared in the content on the Internet, is not on the network has not appeared the content in the content index server database.

analysis process is usually repeated several times. If the analysis ten times, seven times in the field before and after the interception can have the same content of horse content database to add the title, and the same, the article will be identified as non original.


if this is.

the ultimate title of the horse has two kinds: 1. in the title of the database content; the content is 2. title in the database. According to the two different conditions, the engine will make a mark in the index server in it. As a parameter of the weights of the website ranking.

first, the title of the analysis: the search engine is generally the first interception of the first 60 characters as content analysis. Determination of this title is not the only one we know is through search engine classification entry word index. The engine to intercept the title according to the relevant search words have included grouping and matching of database entries. If this title have database, will think this title not only to be a horse, the contents of the article. If a group of words on the horse after the interception of the following word goodbye, goodbye and so on, are on the horse…… Until the first 60 characters, complete, unified processing on the back of the word, personally think that the engine is likely to be put behind the phrase as a string.

search engine to determine the start:


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