The Shanghai dragon and SEM website optimization of the importance of selecting keywords

like involved in the work of Shanghai dragon Er website belongs to the company website, or industry website, the direction of relatively simple, keyword matching is also quite accurate, but when the promotion of the website optimization, cause there are two cases of web traffic to ascend. The first one: the more unpopular uncommon, with brand words, such as the name of the enterprise, especially the newly established enterprises in the promotion of brand, although the brand keywords ranking is very good, but the website search industry without ranking; second: popular vocabulary, these words in general for the industry popular word or vocabulary, its index is higher, if it is a new station, involved in the industry is a hot industry, such as finance, machinery, health and education, then the site keywords ranking is low, even no ranking.

The construction of a web site

of Shanghai Longfeng and SEM website optimization importance to select keywords

we’re here only for the selection of key words and the importance of the analysis, the more important not to go with the excuse of Shanghai dragon and SEM which way. I hope you do not have the deviation of understanding. Whether it is Shanghai dragon or SEM, related professionals are aware of this word is a very important job. Learn the SEM blog for two way for a simple analysis, we hope to help.

the above two situations are we often encounter problems at work, so when we choose keywords, must not be in a single category of keywords, such as new sites in written after the TDK website in the late update, we set the title of the article with the brand word + word, word long tail word brand industry and the long tail word and hot search word long tail word form, the frequency of the key words, so the site will get better included, so long, ranking website page even more than the home is higher.

importance to Shanghai Longfeng:


for promotion should be on a sniper Shanghai dragon promotion way, many FMCG industries and four for hot industry (finance, machinery, health and education) for long-term occupation led to bitter row, Shanghai Dragon up the website through the website optimization complain incessantly, though, but many users do not understand this a little, they are only in the first page, even before the five or first, plus the bidding Website Business >

, no matter what the topic is involved, what kind of industry, site of TDK (title, description, keywords) all cannot do without words, take learning SEM blog, website more key words are about SEM and love Shanghai auction related. The main keywords and secondary keywords, we are according to the search habits and third party tools from the queries, because the keywords for the website, is the main way to get traffic.

for the importance of SEM:


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