On site will be five reasons why love K out of the sea

compared to some other domestic search engine, love Shanghai for the site of the change is the most sensitive, even you only got a code that it will know, so webmaster in site was found with K out of the sea, may wish to consider in the near future is not changed or replaced website.


love Shanghai K station is basically a reason, if you can not find the webmaster site is K, here to do their own sand according to several years summed up the station for example, believe that the webmaster can find some reason web site is K off from /p>! "

4) optimization over the site, not piled too many words, is a short-term increase in too much outside the chain of

2) space quality web site is poor, resulting in Shanghai

3) web content by acquisition or reproduced, and not its pseudo original

from the Royal Square mud mask, starting from the A5 website, please keep the link source: 贵族宝贝3489贵族宝贝.cn/

modify!Since website source code! !The original

has adjusted the relevant regulations of its crackdown this year, for the low quality of the content is more and more big, if your website content is mostly collected or reprinted, then your website will be very easy to be loved in Shanghai K. Therefore, if the owners can not meet the demand of the original content website, then reproduced or when collecting other website content must be false original to it, even if it is a paragraph of content or webmaster changed under the title you are rewriting is also OK, anyway, try not to the original content as like as two peas on the line

as most owners would make wrong, excessive optimization not only will not help to the site, but also let website is love Shanghai punishment, therefore, if you do not want to fall in love with the sea site is K off, the webmaster is best not to excessive Fletcher keywords, or a sudden increase too much the chain and Links within a short period of time

site is a lot of time will love Shanghai K off because of space caused by the host, especially the emergence of this space now isn’t open, or special access speed slow, then the site was in love with the sea K off is not a surprising thing what. Of course, the site was K in addition to the poor quality of space, we cannot exclude innocent site affected, so it is best to find a webmaster webmaster tools check under the space server, see if there is love the sea off site K, if any, in order to let love back in Shanghai included in this update, sand to advise you the best breakfast for the

website is love punishment!The !

1) website changed too frequently, or is the webmaster changed website source code

space! ! The reason why

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