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mentioned here is not to go to space and blog, large website registered blog >

then pure manual release: love Shanghai and leaving Youku plain text links

now soft promotion has two advantages, first lets users have a direct purchasing power, a good article need time and effort to sharpen the molding, but released in the corresponding website or forum, the effect is often very obvious; such as Taobao customers can prepare some photos or related content. Published in the appropriate forum or sharing community, as long as you find the right place to write enough soft, can directly guide the purchase; second, to optimize the key, can also play a role too, after a successful soft release, external links can increase at least dozens. If every few days to write a journal of success, the natural effect will appear.

is the last space blog: a large number of long-term good Links is key to

first recommended: professional and soft soft Wen Shanghai dragon and

external links is an important part of a website, an important role to optimize the key, but a website you want to get a good external links, and it is not an easy thing. Shanghai Dragon Master said many of the best quality link is here, instead of sending the. For example, rely on the link bait, but for many small and medium-sized webmaster, link bait made difficult not to mention the high quality as can be imagined, link bait. Therefore, I do according to their own experience of Shanghai dragon, share their link strategy, I hope all of you can play a role.

There are a lot of

pure manual release, but we may not in the mainstream platform all released, and after some platform release and time limit, after the period of validity, the link lost the role, it is not good for the web site. So, look for the platform, the release of some long-term links will be retained. Here recommended two, one is love Shanghai know the platform, although not to leave the link, or rarely leave the link, but can leave a pure text site, especially the two level domain name web site; the second is the video website of the title, because the weight of the video website is very high, so leave after permanent the preservation, many webmaster do, I hope that everyone can get harvest.

does not have to leave the general construction link anchor link, many platform restrictions on the anchor link is more and more strict, so it is more and more difficult. So, sometimes leave the site is also a good choice, because the pure text site is very important for the love of Shanghai, if around with pure text link anchor link text (i.e. to optimize keywords), then Shanghai would love to calculate correlation will be calculated in the rankings, so based on this principle, we do external links may become more flexible. The summary of the three most commonly used methods, in alphabetical order, if you have enough time, then the best collocation.

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