Love Shanghai index below 50 in the long tail keywords mining skills

in my first successful optimization of long tail keywords for example.

is often the case, we found the key words, love index based on the data for Shanghai. However, for an early site, even love Shanghai index below 100 words, we want is also very difficult to get good rankings. Therefore, the author based on the idea of optimization of the index below 50, which is love Shanghai index can not provide the word, in the early years of the website, more practical operability.

two, passive

in general, in the mining index in the long tail keywords below 50 to the following points:

this is the first active mining techniques, divergent thinking, to the core keywords similar words to think, and then spread in similar words, choose a few words, and then research its operability in the search engine, especially all kinds of quiz website, there is the best anti user needs to place. When a word is frequently mentioned in the problem, it can be used as your operation target.

In fact, this is an estimate of

, active mining

first, I am a site of cervical spondylosis, I want to find out the long tail word, can not be based on the "cervical" to the word, that I will search "neck" that appeared in the Shanghai second love love Shanghai know that there was a "neck ring" questions, so I step in the "search" in Shanghai know and love the neck ring "of the word, not only love Shanghai know, including major health websites ask inside, there has been very much on the" neck ring "content. Although the query index "love Shanghai, neck ring" and no relevant index (some of the long tail word, index, in a certain period of time, but in a certain period of time, but the index disappeared) from the major health quiz website inside the feedback results, search for "neck rings" are not less. So we can determine the basic operation of the word.

with webmasters, is through the traffic monitoring tool found some long tail keywords. As we know, especially some of the weight is not high site, some long tail keywords can often jump to love Shanghai home, bring one or two flow, but then immediately fell over 100, we must carefully observe these words, and then use the above "active mining" in the research method of operational research, then identify relevant keywords.

in my last post "small and medium-sized site optimization keywords should comply with the" long tail from the core to the principle of "one paper, has discussed the long tail keywords is the view of this breakthrough in small website development. So how to mining the long tail keywords became the "breakthrough" and "when the soldiers". Because of love of Shanghai is the main position of the majority of owners, the long tail keywords we have to love the Shanghai mining and optimization as an example.

thinking to diverge, let go to the core keywords similar to the place. Pay more attention to the quiz website, from the user.

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