How to improve the experience of the local tourism website users

with the arrival of summer, the tourism industry has become a peak, and in July and August the people across the country are choosing to travel, display from the data, a part of the visitors to sign up for tours, a part of the visitors to the tourist site for tourism, as well as part of the tourists is to group purchase online it is obvious that tourism group purchase, choose the travel agency way into a number of

at present, construction of local tourism website to achieve profitability is a lot of travel agencies are doing, the local tourism site is everywhere, in addition to a few years ago, the way cattle, Showtime swim together and other large tourist sites, almost no other travel sites can be competitive regional tourism. In recent years, the Internet in the gradual development, the importance of many local travel agencies have gradually realized the Internet, so as to establish the local tourism website to make a profit, you can see that the local travel agencies are also in the importance of. Recently I in charge of local tourism website, found that many places do not travel website of a user experience, and rank, weight, flow rate is not very good, and now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the experience of the user, and give a lot of good user experience of the website ranking, weight, flow, so I think you want to the local tourism website development must be to achieve the user experience. How do the local tourism website user experience? The author summarizes some experience in the optimization of Guizhou tourism website.

first, to achieve access to the local tourism website to achieve the best experience speed. Have to say a lot of local tourism website speed is very slow, the exchange before the tourism website Links, each click on other local tourism sites are slow death, feeling what small travel agencies are not willing to spend money to buy a server or buy a virtual machine in the main domestic independent IP, the author of this is not recommended, from the user perspective, when users access to your travel website, each click on a page to slow spots for one or two minutes before you can open, who can stand, I can’t bear it. From the perspective of a search engine for spider hate that slow site, a long time in the chronic state will lead to serious drop right site. If the local travel agency business a little bit better, so I suggest in the website space a little bit more, the website access speed.

then to the service type and orientation clear local tourism website. The server type local travel website is very important, the travel agency to determine the self.

, however, with the development of the Internet, many local travel agencies will combine offline and online together, one is the real travel agency, a virtual online travel agency, and the use of tourism websites on the Internet to achieve profitability is the best development of the local travel agency, which also provide a quick channel the choice for the user.

, a travel website access speed to achieve the best experience

Service type and orientation of

two, clear tourism website

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