The construction site to go through several links

2, website templates to create

code and site in the local test and select the


solve the problem quickly, even if the site had some small problems resolved in a timely manner, to the search engine website will not leave a bad impression. Because, before we build on the site of a series of links are recorded and notes, the website of local details, you can view the notes clearly know where problems arise. This is just to let programmers and web designers to correct, correct the wrong place. Today Xiaobian a simple said website needs to go through several links.


1, the domain name

website and on-line web content structure, it will have to undergo a series of links, and every environment requires very delicate work, but many people don’t believe this, do a good job in the website template, website later too late. In fact, I think this is a wrong logical thinking way. Like building a building, in the absence of drawings, design by virtue of imagination, and stay in the brain consciousness to the construction, the final result is completely don’t know where the problem of building. Therefore, in the site, the need for link settings, everything is in accordance with the construction procedure, such structural wrong things after the site can be solved.


regardless of the site so that station production company, or their development, or online search template is according to the site content and structure of the users themselves to decide. If it is to develop their own simple website template before development, will draw the schematic diagram of the complete structure of the website, so in the development will have a very clear idea, this is like in the house renovation process, Home Furnishing and TV, air conditioning to determine the placement of the down, the house in the decoration can be know the layout, so that it will be in the decoration of out of position. If not their own development, there is a problem, because the site is not developed, there are some limitations in the structure, not according to the thought of their complete out. May at last found out, this website and you want to do so when you want to template, or take a very long time.


although this kind of thing, not on the website. However, the website before, or to choose a good domain, select the domain name is by virtue of the interest of the user or business to expand, this is generally not the judgment standard. However, a short easy to remember domain names in Internet search, or quite helpful. Therefore, the best choice of domain name according to the business to expand, if an individual, according to the hobby on the line. For the domain name we’re not here to waste any more words.

From the beginning to the

this code generally have procedures for, as long as the code is not a big obstacle, generally will not be big.

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