Shanghai dragon dead good Shanghai dragon strategy and quality content is still valid

in my occupation career, have seen many people ignore the above suggestions. I wrote you a couple of times, describes the search engine to advise people not only based on changing all the time, it carried out the cause. Google Florida Update made a lot of people are aware of this, but I think also need to always pay attention to the new generation of adjustment. (Note: technode Florida Update is Google in early November 2003 on the dramatic update, the ranking algorithm which lasted several months, swept away many original website >

1. is the most successful information website initial growth are very dependent on Shanghai Longfeng, including Yelp, Wikipedia. But he made a lot of business communication, almost no one in 2008 after the Shanghai dragon won a lot of traffic.

Shanghai dragon is not the only way to


4. Google seems to spare no effort to improve the algorithm, so that the best content in the search results list.

fifteen years ago I wrote the article, advise the webmaster to let the content of the website are friendly to the search engine and the reader: search engine is one way for people to find the site, but not the only way. There is word of mouth, traditional advertising, traditional media, news group posts and network directory and Links. Many of these pathways are more efficient than search engines. The user may come from partner sites, may also be the one you never mentioned the magazine. After a little effort in the search engine, focus on other areas.


3. large outlaw black hat (black-hat) Shanghai Longfeng consultant, they specialize in transactions and selling links, and through the Shanghai Dragon technology to help "content farms" and other enterprises to promote low quality content.

‘s search engine

Danny Sullivan is that: whether to venture enterprises or enterprise, Shanghai Phoenix are trustworthy marketing strategy. The following is his analysis. (the author is the search engine of Engine blog Search Land editor Third Door Media partner and chief content officer.

Chris Dixon’s argument is:

is changing all the time

Chris Dixon wrote an article "Shanghai dragon is dead: entrepreneurial enterprises get more difficult to use" Shanghai dragon browsing search engine optimization, that is no longer a viable marketing strategy of enterprises. The text here. (the author of American consumer creative website Hunch co-founder, investment Skype, and StackOverflow Foursquare business website.

2. to carry out the radical Shanghai Longfeng strategy of business enterprises will focus on creating outstanding user experience.

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