Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small and medium sized enterprises is the necessity analysis of ma

third, can continue to expand the source of traffic. Shanghai is the core competitiveness of Longfeng flow precision, an enterprise website optimization keywords in addition to the core word, long tail word and auxiliary core keywords is optimized. We can order more flowering, respectively. Some high conversion of the long tail word individually optimized, such traffic sources more widely, and the conversion transaction will increase, so the Shanghai dragon is not only subject optimization, especially long tail words flow sources tend to occupy more than 80% of the traffic to the site.

fourth, the search engine is an indispensable partner in people’s life. With the development of e-commerce, the development of the Internet, now, whether urban or rural areas, the use of the Internet showing Liaoyuanzhishi, especially the development of mobile Internet, people have more choices in the consumer, and the search engine is determined when the people in the choice of.

first, directional target customer group. We know that the current marketing means there emerge in an endless stream, soft Wen promotion, QQ group promotion, many people almost fried tongue, and a lot of the time as an enterprise product sales is the core, a large number of users but in the end were not equal to no good conversion, and just make up the Shanghai dragon defect, its main value lies in the very strong. If it is through search keywords to find our website that the friction crowd directional is very high compared to other means, Shanghai Longfeng mainly rely on search engines for communication channels, users in the search related products, accurate site will be pushed to the user, so that each target users are likely to be potential users. If there are such precise marketing flow, the conversion rate of natural be nothing difficult.

as everyone knows, the force of website optimization is still small and medium-sized enterprises as the mainstream, in this environment, the author today for everyone to share, why business owners will still be Shanghai dragon as a powerful marketing weapon, Shanghai dragon optimization by the small and medium-sized enterprises favored the reason analysis, we continued to enter today’s short gossip theme. Shanghai Longfeng optimization of small and medium sized enterprises is the necessity analysis of mainstream enterprise stand optimization.

second, Shanghai Longfeng the bidding price is the highest relative. And another means of marketing, Shanghai dragon should be relatively good, love Shanghai now and many enterprises choose bidding auction marketing tool, the bidding itself and the flow of the precision and the Shanghai dragon is in turn be roughly the same, but in terms of cost, but it is beyond the reach of Shanghai Longfeng, high bidding cost, coupled with a large number of invalid click or click malicious competitors, leading to the rising cost in bidding. Shanghai dragon is different, just to pay Shanghai dragon Er salary, the small and medium-sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon Er salary mostly in 3-4K, compared with the high cost of bidding is the price is very high, the second ranking, but the bidding a suspension of cooperation, basic does not have any traffic, while the Shanghai Dragon is not, web site keywords after the optimization to the first page, very stable, can be said to be a lot of things.

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