Change the dual consequences brought by the title website

changes in the title before, many of my article pages have ranked in a large number of long tail keywords noble baby, and these words are the website profit point, although every day can only bring dozens of IP, but the basic income of the site with the guarantee. I did not expect that, since the title change, noble baby included may be normal, but the flow becomes 0.

has just changed two days, although the love Shanghai snapshot stopped, but is also normal, you can not over two days, the home directly by K off. This K, some basic Links easy for No.


search engine will determine whether you are a people who play fast and loose under what conditions? If you are a search engine that will play fast and loose people, what kind of consequences?

because the first Dede station, many details of the place without thinking when I set the title set directly into "the title of the article _ column title _ website title" form, because my website title is too long, such as "name of the website _ financial _ stock market _ _ _ financial fund" a class, I felt a little wrong, after a period of time and turned it into "the title of the article _ column title _ website name form.

we do not love people who play fast and loose the search engine.

, I optimize an old financial website, turn over two page title, the first time to change the title, did not see substantial changes, but half a year after the second changes, because the site overall weight increase, a direct increase in core keywords beloved Shanghai home. This made me think, at the right time, change title, more conducive to search engine for your approval.

, I summarize the key points of Title Changes: >

did not think that, when I optimize the website now, because the site itself is a new station, change the title brought me almost devastating.


two, change the homepage Title leads to love Shanghai K away home

is a new station, Shanghai love has not achieved what achievements included, although there has been an increase in the next snapshot but sometimes, sometimes far away. Google’s long tail words fall, so I was very sad, there is a poguanziposhuai taste, then again changed the website title, remove the simple keyword, into a more coherent descriptive phrase.


, title led Google to change all the article page long tail keywords ranking overall drop

I am not a person in Shanghai play fast and loose, but the dragon on the road, I have many do not understand, so in the process of exploration, it is inevitable to road to go, let the search engine think that I was a man play fast and loose.

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