What is often said in the Shanghai dragon content is king, the chain for the emperor

2. for reverse link rivals, active link exchange with these sites to go beyond the competition, the best way is to rival some reverse links you have, you have no rivals. The link weights of these non-profit site is generally higher, so a link exchange means is also very good with these sites;

4. will submit your site DMOZ directory, Yahoo directory, ODP directory a few professional directory sites;

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site in the chain and the chain is one of the factors of the website rankings, often said to do website ranking is to constantly improve the content and the chain of their website, but how many Shanghai dragon can do well? The author is to summarize these issues, let more people see my way to do the chain and chain

3. to exchange links BBS release Links exchange information, like to: admin5

chain: 1. press releases, fair in a press release with a hyperlink, when the news was reprinted many sites, you can help your website to increase very much reverse link:

chain: our website is often the chain, broken links, so as to avoid the dead spiders cannot access. In quality and quantity, we still should be in favor of quality.

can add a on the page, the next article, or popular articles, refined article annotation, access time and quality progress. A website to keep long-term ranking is not chaos, the chain is a very subject that deserves our attention. We often find some websites, we use Adsense tools to check the chain, see it in a moment, the quality in general, is its high ranking, but the site itself for a long time, careful people will find in the chain of others do quite well, a lot of very large station construction optimization how do the squarely within the chain within the chain, we should pay attention to the following questions.

5. blog to create blog, rich content, in blog just add your website hyperlink; 6, in the forum signature with your hyperlink. Of course, maybe 100 100 personal website optimization methods, to find suitable useful methods, do not blindly imitate others, there is no innovation. This simple understanding is not accurate. Another basic point is outside the chain, said to understand, is to see how many sites will for you, how many different sites collect your content, love your website, that your site has value, such as this is a general appraisal, how many people voted yes for you, the more you better vote.

the content of the anchor text, generally don’t draw too much, don’t try to add some unnecessary key words inside, natural is the best. The chain, your weight and ranking will get promotion. Everyone is in their own "constantly sum up

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