Website optimization from the rookie to three important stages of love

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website webmaster website optimization need to experience second stages is also called the website ranking stage, line on the website in the search engine after more or less will have certain ranking, but the ranking to enter the first page is not an easy thing, this process requires good user experience, user search keywords, website show the eyes of the user through the search engine, website title and description is the key to attract users to click on the site, what time to leave by the contents of the site, after the user enters the site layout, a variety of factors such as loading speed. This stage is simply the website ranking rising.

website optimization selection is closely related to the site will be different in different periods, however, aiming at the problem of webmaster need to make a choice, selection method and attitude to deal with the problem. Do not underestimate these problems, they are on the website optimization often plays a decisive role, so treat every problem should carefully analyze the access to information, find the right solution, don’t pick up half.

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website at the beginning of the line is the first important stage fully deserve before submitting the search engine, owners need to do website structure, information page, after buying the domain name, set the title keyword description and so on. This stage is the most important thing is to do the content of the website and the chain, after all new online content and the chain are relatively small, and the high quality of the chain helps the search engine on the website of the judge, let love Shanghai can appear in the search engine ranking site within a short period of time. After the site built not to Submit search engine, should check to ensure that there are no omissions. Otherwise, once the search engine to bad impression you want to restore the need to double the effort.

website optimization basically is optimized for the default search engine love to do in Shanghai, since the market exit China noble baby, love Shanghai alone occupy a share of more than eighty percent of the search market China. Until the 360 search the situation slightly improved, at present the formation of love Shanghai, 360 search, Sogou Triwizard situation.

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ranking reaches a certain height on the site, we should do a good job in the third stage is the stability of the rankings, this is the most important stage is to insist, after many webmaster do optimization for a period of time will often have the feeling of fatigue, develop three days fishing nets two days of drying of bad habits. This time the site has been ranked, traffic already, only need to adhere to the daily workload website ranking can maintain a slow rise, not because of lazy bad habits at work not completed.

website optimization from the early construction of the ranking stability experienced three stages, effects of different practices in the three phases of the website ranking and weight is enormous, with the improvement of search algorithm, site optimization difficulty rising has shrunk. With many details, if a site may be down the right, the three stages that website optimization how can we grasp and operate.

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