Website a case analysis record has optimized the enterprise website

we can see, now the site last updated time is March 5, 2013, but also the snapshot site at this time, after I had no charge, although it did not update, the snapshot has not moved, but still ranked in the first page.

this paper before and share with you to optimize the key words. The index is not high, the degree of competition is moderate, although there are a lot of enterprise website, but do in the optimization of the site is not particularly. Well, look at the website data:

A website waterproof company After the

find the reasons for these four reasons, I made some adjustments, the first is to delete the Links, the second is the same template site in a space, and then update the height of the original article, original article according to long term, the increase of the value of reducing deliberate keywords accumulation, reduce keyword density. After modification, there are about half a month the site was collected, and then continue to update the article, the chain hair isn’t much, because my hand site is really too much, there is no way to send the chain so much, so just find a few common platform to send. After two or three months after the website ranking slow recovery.

recently, I intend to optimize the website before they were re combed again, record it, it is for a summary of his case. But it seems that record is a difficult thing, why? In fact, I use the website optimization method, and the layout of the site and structure of what, I used the method is the same, so after the first article finished, when the case records back, I don’t know how to write what to enrich this article. But in spite of this, or a simple record.

I do optimization of this station is in 2012, that is after the site built. This website soon had a good ranking, then rising to the first of the first page, but unfortunately was K at the age of 6.28, and about two months to recover. Why is k, then the reason analysis has four main points: first, the quality is too low, is false original article, and pseudo original strength is not very high; the second is the keyword density too high, then the main keyword density reached 14%, this is because the first page of the article because of repeated calls. The website is very simple, the column is less, when the call the call two block is repeated; the third reason is very important, is through a IP below and a same type of station, also is we, and templates are the same, the station finally did not continue the same optimization. K; the fourth reason is Links problem, because the company was the site has a lot of, although there is no formation of the sprocket, but basically related degree is not high, the main or a hospital station Of course, this is also the station hospital was K.

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