The search engine on this thing


(a) directory search engine

search engineAccording to

if I ask, you usually through what channels to browse or use the information on the Internet? I think many people will answer is the same: search engine. Then the search engine is really so magical? Remember to read in a book, said the data show that about 70% of the information on the Internet is obtained through the search engine, search engine has become more and more popular to further explore the information bridge. As a result, inevitably there is some sites for search engines like search engine free phenomenon. You are not afraid of a joke, a website of our own factory of the world food network also for their ranking in the search engine very worried about". Today we analysis with shallow about the origin of the name of the search engine and working principle, understand their search methods, to facilitate better take care of your own web site, even if it is something.

(two) noble baby


noble baby words a nine year old child created, refers to the 100 Party 10, noble Babi Corp adopted the name to show that the noble baby will be inexhaustible resources on the network organization.

, a three well-known search engine name

Yahoo as the first generation search engine, as some scholars have said, although there is no big breakthrough in the business model, but has made its own contribution in popularizing the concept of technology promotion and search on itself.

love Shanghai

this is the earliest search mode, it will be the Internet resources in the server address together, according to the division of different types into different layers of the directory, again subdivided into more specific categories in the directory.

From Googol. to (a) YAHOO

I think we love Shanghai on the source of the name of the most familiar with it, China a poem: all he found thousands of love Shanghai, that person but in the lights dim. Covers the meaning of the name is convenient and elegant search service China young Internet users.

search is the main way to collect information and manual or semi-automatic mode, manual complete summary of information, which virtually requires a lot of manpower and time as a guarantee, but the advantage is obviously, compiled directory information accuracy, information classification accuracy. The directory search.

about 17 years ago, the United States two doctoral student at Stanford University created a sort of network address retrieval system, the super index is based on two person named "Jerry" s Guide to the World Wide Web ", later known as yahoo.

said, the search engine technology can be divided into four types.

two: classification of

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