The webmaster how to love by Shanghai traffic to improve website weight

three, brush site keywords flow

I do not know you have found a small detail, Webmaster Tools >

if your site keywords too much competition 1:30 are unable to see the effect, it will not only keep a tree, to know another clever size. For the website webmaster all know most of the long tail keywords competition is relatively small, but it is easy to get good rankings. So, webmaster want to increase website traffic to increase the weight, can have correlation with the long tail keywords for mining. Figure:

two, mining the long tail keywords

forum every day, ask how quickly improve website weight, but the answer is most of the chain, such as the original content. In fact, every day to check their website, as long as careful will find the standard weight calculation is based on how much love to give the Shanghai traffic. In general, the higher the flow of love in Shanghai, the weight will be higher. So, in the rapid increase of website weight, owners may wish to start from the flow of more website long tail keywords to get more traffic. Today I talk about Adsense how to love Shanghai through traffic to improve website weight.

this is a station of the author, through the graph we can see, as long as the love of Shanghai traffic reached 150, the weight will rise, so here is that love Shanghai flow is an important factor affecting weight. So how to improve the flow of love Shanghai webmaster website? Mainly several methods more practical:

as the image of the flow while a single eye, but can Many a little make a mickle. A long tail keywords flow only 30 although not how, but if it is 10, 20, N+1? So, the most suitable for the long tail keywords website to get more accurate flow, and the ranking is also very stable. So, to improve the site weight need to be assisted to increase site traffic through mining the long tail keywords amount.

this is the webmaster do in method, because the webmaster do website optimization is to improve the site keywords ranking, but if keywords competition is large enough, then it is quite difficult to optimize. And we want to quickly improve website weight, natural in the choice of keywords, we do not just look at the flow, to analyze the degree of competition, correlation, optimization difficulty and so on, so as to improve the keywords ranking in the shortest time, so as to improve the site weight. Moreover, only through love Shanghai for more traffic, in order to make the site weight to enhance the quality. So, in the choice of keywords, the webmaster don’t pursue high traffic keywords, with their own strength, choose the most suitable for their own optimization, so as to improve the site weight fast.


website optimization keywords right

, a selection of

Long tail keywords

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