Ji’nan Shanghai Longfeng Takeshi website optimization with simple structure is the kingly way

looked at me so simple, do not know if you have the site structure easy to understand? Said simply, this is Shanghai Longfeng fur knowledge, but it is very helpful to Shanghai dragon. To the long run a website, the most important is the mentality, the ease of mind, step by step to improve those should be perfect, give yourself a higher starting point, thus speeding up the pace of success.

column page file name as much as possible and the columns corresponding to the name, the principle is short some (not all things are the pursuit of length Oh, not evil), trust depends on the user, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believed.

look at the failures of experience, looking for power in success. Xiao Wu after numerous failures, finally summed up their own set of optimization techniques. Today let us talk about the thought of the most important factors: the structure of the website.

before the small Wu has repeatedly mentioned how to optimize the site URL structure, is nothing more than those things, such as flat URL. Of course, set the static can be more friendly to search engines, but also has the advantages of simple structure, site conditions permitting, can be put in the root directory, is included for


list page is the same principle, as long as in the web design can do a breadcrumb, strong personal recommendation list page thumbnail and description style made the call (see below), this looks more vivid and will not be so rigid.


content page is in direct contact with the user, personally think that the optimization and page content page is equally important, which can not underestimate. The reason is very simple, web site operators to rely on mid long tail keywords flow obtained a significant proportion of these long tail keywords is the content page ranking, this is not to say. Advice: the content page to add a comment module, in order to increase interaction of the website, make a web site more dynamic.

1, column page, list page, content page





2, URL

The so-called

optimized so many sites, success, failure, excited, depressed, think back to feel really naive, with most of the doings as a pupil of Shanghai dragon. The ranking of the volatility is inevitable, if not change radically it shows there is no obvious mistakes in the process of optimization. Xiao Wu had "Ji’nan Shanghai dragon" do love Shanghai PC and the mobile terminal to the home, but the king did not last long, sometimes out of the baby heart bitter, Not the least trace was found., but baby don’t say.

is not simple, simple, more concise. Including the simple structure of the site: column page, list page, content page structure and the structure of URL.

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