We released four small WeChat program and you want to talk about the development process of small pr

as TGIDEAS technology research and development team, we like the other technical team focus on new technologies, new business form time, facing the new application form, combined with the actual business team, came out the following four small applications at the end of the year:


, which is the glory of the king race only after 1 months of development time, in a small program on the line when released; King glory official website, followed by the on-line in the second day, also released.

and Naruto tournament, using the ready-made, complete live broadcast framework, took only 8 days to complete the planning, design, development and on-line, the efficiency of small partners are scared.

friends interested in the use of LBS to find a friend of the game a little stranger social programs, after more than a month of development time, and ultimately also released before the holiday.

The output efficiency of the

project is slightly higher, behind this in the end how to follow the development process, the landlord may talk today, hope some thoughts can cause everyone, also hope to be able to or is about to carry out small program development team.

small program released in January 9, 2017 total, the landlord team started to study the small program official document in October at the beginning of December, the team first small program – "king of glory games small program" project demand officially approved in December 20th of the first version of molding production is completed, the development flow chart:


(students doubt why December 20 produced the first edition of the WeChat open class? In 28, we may guess the day of release of small procedures, and the original plan to complete the full version, in 20, when there is plenty of time for.


event small program development process with the development process of "demand is like, the main difference is that: the small program" version of arraignment stage

due to the introduction of the audit mechanism, small program iteration does not as long as such as web developers have permission to publish immediately iteration to online, by WeChat official team after the audit can be published online, so it is important to test.

next talk about the development process of the small program of the king race followed a simple principle:

1. Front end active drive product

why the landlord initiative to drive the front end of the product, the main reason is:

1 small program development in front of a larger proportion of

for API and components, can be provided by the front-end developer feasibility assessment

because the majority of API and components of a small program are front-end categories, front-end developers can tell the product manager components and API can be achieved to what extent; and for some of the back-end technology related to the API, before

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