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the content of the web site to keep updated good continuity, if it is possible to update the site every day, this love Shanghai spider to your site in each will have fresh content in the course of time, every day of your site spider crawling has become a habit, naturally you will be the quality of web spider sure.


well, after analyzing the love of spiders in Shanghai on the website of the impact, we now talk about how to make love in Shanghai every day to your site spider crawling, the main topic which we discussed today, if that ‘s not good place also please.

, a website space must be stable

two, website content to

let the love of spiders in Shanghai every day to crawl the site, believe that many webmaster friends want to see, then how to make their sites by love in Shanghai favor? As everyone knows love spiders in Shanghai on the website of the love directly reflected in the snapshot, if the snapshot site are updated every day, so this website undoubtedly love is like a spider in Shanghai and every day visit. Although the quality of many webmaster friends love Shanghai snapshots and website does not have what relation, but love the stars do not think so, a snapshot of the website directly reflects the love of Shanghai on the website of the attitude, if have the same snapshot of your site for dozens of days, the basic love Shanghai spider on your site on the degree is not enough, then how can you website is love Shanghai love? If it is the simple love of spiders in Shanghai every day to crawl your site, then your website is certainly love Shanghai feel the quality of the site, explained I believe that everyone should understand.

said this may be the meaning of a commonplace talk of an old scholar but today we still had to say. Space is a site of the root, if the space is not stable then the other is impossible. Imagine if every time you love Shanghai spider web space can access, causing every time not normal crawling, then love Shanghai spider on your site is a kind of evaluation? The study found that if the love of spiders in Shanghai for several days crawling site can normal visit, so will the snapshot the website is affected, accompanied by the decline of the website ranking. The space is the root of a website, so we from at the beginning of the site should be paid more attention to, choose a stable space is the basis of spider favorite website.

mentioned above is updated every day for the conditional webmaster, so if there is no time to update the site every day, it should be in accordance with the following skills: you can add a number of web browsing in the content page, the reading will be with the visitors browsing and continue to grow, the main function is to let the spider every time there are some different changes when visiting. At the same time each website has new content or release a new comment will let the love of spiders in Shanghai can be found, it replaces the updates for >

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