n the industry of Shanghai Longfeng others can do you can not do

First talk about

one of the most important points about cheating, the search engine on the web and on others. For example: you are a search engine, sina is your father, and if the general site is your son, father and son are wrong, you will certainly not treat?. The search engine is the same, each station is cheating to make mistakes. The search engine will not treat, do not say, you can try. Because the weight of each site is not the same. People need it to varying degrees. The search engine is the main purpose of service to users, so that users can easily find what they need, instead of how to punish.

in our online shop, do all kinds of projects. First, if you want to quickly do, the best way is to study in this industry to do the best predecessors. In Shanghai dragon inside the industry, others can do you can not do. If you do, it may be counterproductive.

included, for example: we all want to write articles indexed by search engines. Could you write original every day, a month will not be included. Sina daily reprint articles but is seconds, not only is the news, is your Sina blog reproduced others write articles are often the second. Sina is the second reprint do you learn Sina also reproduced? Have also seen a webmaster said, watching others reproduced are included, they worked hard to write the original not included as to reprint it. If you go now to reprint, learning that can reprint collection of Web site, then you may not included, but the search engine’s impression of you will be getting worse. This leads to the webmaster to give up, do not want to do. Feel unfair, feel like eccentric search engine. We want to know every site is from the railway station here, just like Sina website can not be started in seconds. Have a process. We want to do website have to undergo such a process. There are more cattle taobao贵族宝贝, direct shield love Shanghai spiders love Shanghai weight 9. You dare to learn? Few people should dare to say.

say that outside the chain, the chain of sina with the webmaster tools to check is 100 million, what is this concept? My understanding is not much more, this tool has been unable to query. Do you think sina is still upset about your chain and impossible now?. You can learn it? Not. We still have to honestly every hair, a hair; further is to write some soft Wen contribute, then reprinted by others and get the chain, but this is only a small part, most of them are on one by one to send. If we do a one-way link to sina is normal, but to give you a one-way link I certainly don’t want to let me and Sina It is without rhyme or reason.; we are not in a class, although rely on search engines such as Sina and Taobao, but not many people go to a search engine like. Taobao is a good child. Shield love Shanghai, do not let love Shanghai crawl. But its low weight, the weight of 9 love Shanghai. We don’t have to learn these.

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