How to do a single keyword ranking


2, the inside pages of keywords to do a series of articles for further weight through a series of articles and rankings, and this series of articles can also further increase the habit of doing related long tail word increase keyword ranking page

B, then the channel page if you channel page below the article page to release more accurate is related to the channel page, and the long tail word appears in this channel cross each other at the same time try to give this channel a channel to the anchor text to healthy weight. Hongkong

B, the chain of the anchor text word ratio control, send the word, but also to the home page and contains a word correlation and some of the anchor text! (PS: because these words if you are done well, these pages have words to other pages. The central meaning is.


1, in the home manufacturing fixed weight page, mean, add a fixed anchor text pointing to this page in the sidebar navigation bar below or stay home.

second a, home of the first word, the word 123_456_789_ website name to put on the left (such as the 123 on the left side, the principle, the word search engine is a word, compare the value of mean compared to the whole Title few words)! Then the first page of the description, as far as possible the word and inclusion of the long tail word into your home description inside. This word you can appear 2 times, including the long tail word slightly natural point of your word density is quite good, and so there is no suspicion of superposition.

3, thinking to consider the application of open source label aggregation and automatic label anchor text function, put a small project produced a ready-made label aggregation of each section to get the weight and ranking


page ranking word:


C, the inside pages of words, these words usually need to do ranking, is slightly longer, as the inside pages of words belonging to the 3 level of the Pyramid station at the bottom of the lexical category, these words to other pages do ranking leveraging station.

a, the chain is excellent.


. Is the official said, the chain is a necessary means. What is in need of special notation.

! !Third: the chain

: are you sure you do a single keyword ranking is what position in the station! This means, you put the keywords in your web page (title) description (description) of this position, the word is a word or channel page, and the page of a word the.

most of the time, we are facing, how keywords a station position to break one by one, the top speed dingsu.tmall贵族宝贝 flagship store was summed up, said a little of his own little experience. How to push the single keyword ranking

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