Optimization details of Shanghai Longfeng Tang Kaiyao about the online travel website



guest – Tang Kaiyao: Well, I recently optimized 2~3 tourist industry site, traffic increase is very high, most of the net flow of more than 5 times. Vertical search, online ticket ordering, travel abroad, attractions information services and other types of sites, not mistaken, a total of 7 home service.

28 push liuya: that you host in this line has quite enough experience. You can share some of the tourist site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques and precautions with us? "

guest – Tang Kaiyao: a comparative company, a market data show: 2010 China online travel industry scale reached 39 billion yuan, an increase of 42%. The next two years, the annual growth rate will remain above 30%, to 2012 the market size is expected to reach 68 billion yuan. Despite the explosive growth of online travel market, the tourism industry accounted for the proportion of last year is only 3.3%. The major existing online marketing services, due to personnel, energy, product line and other factors, any company can provide high-quality products and services, especially in the market segment, the corresponding opportunity and some, if there are advantages in some aspects, such as technology, sales, can also go to do. Recently several low-key company, get the investment risk. So if you want to do, there is considerable opportunity.


28 host liuya: the tourist site now very fire, love Shanghai has established its own platform, Taobao also officially enter the wireless travel tourism market, Taobao launched iPhone client, the portal is also staring at this piece of the market. Can you tell us about how to analyze the foreground of online travel website

28 host liuya: Well, it looks like a piece of this tourism really have a big market, there are many companies and companies involved. You heard the Shanghai Dragon technology is very powerful, and have been doing this work, what type you responsible for the optimization of the tourism website

28 host liuya: Hello, 28 eleventh the official start of the interview, please don’t talk in the interview, the following please our guest Mr. Tang Kaiyao out and say hi. Send flowers.

guest – Tang Kaiyao: Hello, very glad to attend the interview 28. I graduated 06 years, has been struggling in the Internet, computer professional background, the first programmer, but program development do not drop yesterday, because our promotion, search engine marketing industry officially entered in 07 years, as Wikipedia, the online travel industry, finance, real estate, search engine optimization, study, IDC go abroad in more than 10 industries and PPC delivery. 07 years IDC, 08 years kuxun marketing department, 09~10, Interactive Encyclopedia, 10 years to the present, professional search engine marketing (Shanghai dragon, PPC delivery service), negative public opinion intervention and other advisory services.

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