The content of Shanghai Longfeng can try to take the open road

This seems to be at the expense of the

, personally think it is very reliable, at least for now it seems Google is worth it. When we see the quality of content, if the website needs to be mentioned or quoted, might generously give a link to your users, this is a very intimate care, let a person feel your website content rich, easy to use.

Shanghai dragon are used to game search engine, this is one thing very strenuous. To do business in the industry, the user experience that set out does not seem realistic. Everyone knows that the search engines love quality content, but many sites rely on Transformation of survival, such as the electricity supplier website of Shanghai dragon, a good user experience will not necessarily be able to win the favor of search engine, because the search engines don’t love the stench of heavy things.

if your site is to do the content, can try to take the open road. The so-called open is not reluctant to link to your bold chain to others, to make their content more abundant.

from Shanghai Longfeng technical level of traditional point of view, the weight does export link will disperse the website, is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon, but also cause the loss of visitors. But from the user’s point of view, this is the best way to enhance the user experience. No matter how each site, the top, will certainly have room for improvement, the content can not do comprehensive enough, even if full, can not do everything, everything. Because of shortcomings, you need to learn from each other. This "short" behavior, is generous to chain to do better than your website, to supplement their own website. In fact, more is to enrich their website content, let the user experience of the website a little better.

but if you browse the content sites English class, you will find that they are related to the content of the website, each link is very common, not only Links or partners of this rigid link, they in the body or in the recommended content will selflessly to another website chain.

at present, this approach is relatively rare in china. But there are also dare to try, for example, ZAC’s blog, outbound links are very common, people feel extraordinary.

The so-called Google

this concept is more important. Earlier there is a book called "Shanghai dragon wisdom", mainly is the introduction of Google Shanghai dragon. It refers to the idea of a link and link as important. Shanghai dragon in the domestic industry, is a thing very unbelievable. The website links to It is without rhyme or reason. others, that is not equal to put their own blood?

tolerance is, all rivers run into sea, especially for the content of the personal blog, a person may be weak, but also the research direction and personal characteristics will be different, it can put the same content in the area gathered together to form scale effect, to share the big cake, this may be the future.

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