Share types page link building and Shanghai Longfeng

      now is the time to let these perfectionist know what is "the rules of 80/20". For the current situation of Shanghai dragon industry, search engine update algorithm, the intelligent retrieval system so that you can not estimate, perhaps you insist on 6 months to achieve a connection. The construction activities are far less than you do a page in Shanghai dragon.

      Shanghai Longfeng for optimization, this may be a massive currency devaluation or capital punishment, a large number of paid links, link farms, too many low value connection ah, anchor text radical set >

      3, the trend of the -90% page, 10% link building

      2, perfect -30% pages, 70% link building

      after love Shanghai big update, and a batch of site being used as cannon fodder disappeared several test sites in the Not the least trace was found., also suffered unequal treatment, enjoy the love of Shanghai "reward", and how to rise to several sites to do comprehensive analysis, found in these sites in my search engine optimization budget is almost equal, but there are differences between the page and link building strategy combination, I think that for several different types of optimization of the combination of the industry at present.

      4, destructive -10% pages, 90% link building

      perfect one is usually some new Shanghai dragon master, all the "rules" they understand some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon and the track, they completely obsessed with an ideal and perfect optimization project, they just want to through the anchor text links to improve the keywords ranking, and think that this must be feasible.

      1, authoritative -70% page, 30% link building

      when love Shanghai algorithm updated again, they repeatedly stated to crack down on malicious optimization behavior, such as buying links, black hat links etc.. For each web page is 100% natural content, high availability, in line with the user is reading each search engine algorithm engineer dream, so always is perhaps the future trend of page optimization in Shanghai Longfeng onlyroad.

      usually, a good foundation can bring a solid for a given site, trusted link configuration files, in many cases, this is a web site called "organic" conditions of evolution, is currently the optimization webmaster recognition rate and the adoption rate of a combination of the best the.

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