The enterprise website update difficult How to use the strategy to solve the station

when an enterprise has no way to update the station we can use the station to update the station optimization strategies to improve website ranking, can also use the station of long tail keywords, so as to improve the site traffic. Is a good optimization strategy and means, but.

What are the advantages of

ensure that the user experience of the website. Enterprise content after filling station, because the news information, small to update, users also can not understand the business activities. In order to enhance the user experience, can use the station to station of enterprise strategy, update, and then use the program call to the home page, to show users the latest information, it is beneficial to the user experience, so as to enhance the enterprise website viscosity station.



can enhance the weight of a master, ensure to update the site. Small websites, especially business station news, a series of products have been released on the website, or the website is not updated with the. If a long time not to update the site, search engine will think the site is no one management, will let the spider to less and less, will eventually drop right on the site, in the IIS log in the emergence of a large number of 304 (unmodified). Slowly the spider would not come to the site, this time by K is not far away. But when the use of the station’s strategy can ensure the update site, but also to ensure the site updated regularly. Continue to slowly let the spider more and more, and gradually improve the website weight.

what is the station strategy? Is normally in a station inside to do a blog blog, BBS forum, and then placed in a directory, by updating the blog or BBS to help update the website, so as to enhance the master weight optimization strategy called station strategy.

website update has been the focus of network optimization, but when an enterprise station, the end, the news out of products are finished, found themselves unable to update. How will this do when facing the situation like this, we should how to operate? In fact, we can set up a blog to make the site more filling station every day, or two days, like this regular updates articles, can be used in home use technology transfer if you can call it. You can update through the website like this way. As the strategy optimization strategy is called the station like this.

station strategy will help enterprises to stand long tail keywords ranking, we can use the station blog to optimize some long tail keywords. Because the enterprise stand generally only to compete that several target keywords minority, because there is no reason to update, a lot of long tail keywords is unable to optimize the competitive ranking optimization, this time can stop strategy for long tail keywords using in the station, so as to achieve a series of long tail keywords ranking, but also can improve website traffic. And brought to the site more accurate IP, so as to enhance the site’s conversion rate, eventually make the enterprise more competitive.

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