What are the essential qualities of Shanghai Longfeng beginners must see



from Shanghai Longfeng quality point of view is very clear.

interest is the best teacher, is very boring to learn the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon in the process, if you are not interested in the Shanghai dragon, not hold down learning it, I advise you one can XX leave now; for the study of the basic stage of Shanghai dragon tend not to see the effect sometimes, in the study of Shanghai Longfeng method with the wrong effect immediately, the love of Shanghai station to K, the heart cool cool.

if you have heart disease, I suggest you don’t love Shanghai because Shanghai Longfeng, ranking fluctuation is too big, you have to do up the rankings are and it, maybe tomorrow is a fell 10 pages away. So the Shanghai dragon must be calm, this is also the Shanghai dragon often say, be calm! Ranking fluctuations not afraid, afraid of is that the parties complained to the true nature of love in Shanghai, their website problems, such

now Shanghai dragon is abnormal hot, there are many new China to join the learning Shanghai Longfeng queue, when the new start learning Shanghai dragon in the end of the note the fundamental purpose of those aspects of things in order to avoid detours this is to write this article.

finally, love Shanghai said a word, is the server update problem, began to restore the ranking in the afternoon. This is the algorithm problem? Do not know Shanghai dragon love Shanghai algorithm, can only be done by feel and experience, a lot of things on the Shanghai dragon is not explain, do stand do rank to test only on their own. More time, Shanghai dragon is like a software tester and the black box, does not stop the love of Shanghai as a program, how to test their website ranking, keep change their strategy for debugging, until your site rankings do go up so far.

aircraft has a key part of such a rule on the plane "rarely use high technology, because the stability of the system is more important than the new technology in learning is the pursuit of Shanghai dragon website ranking stable, more important than the discovery of new methods.

so-called master love Shanghai ranking algorithm, are kidding, just because they accumulate experience, how to love the Shanghai algorithm will make you a stranger master? If you master the Lao Li is not to close the door will Shanxi coal mining. It is fraught ah, here also advise those who are hand quickly according to it, to play their own.

sometimes love Shanghai ranking fluctuations, people would say that love is the Shanghai algorithm changed; Oh, who knows what love is Shanghai algorithm ah, this is all just think, for example: in May 20th Shanghai ranked love big changes, many sites have disappeared, some people say love is in the Shanghai algorithm is changed, the love of Shanghai should focus on the user experience…

The following useful? mentality The

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