Through several people network promotion site to bring benefits

Figure two


: the most urgent real-time price

: a free refresh

net top is equivalent to 58 city top, top information, located below the most urgent.

Figure five: the purchase price is Figure

can be in the same category weekly release three free information. If you run out of free times, each new release a message to pay one yuan.

screenshots can be seen from the cost, do pay promotion cost is still relatively low in the net. But in the above promotion effect how, will have to see the people network of Internet traffic accounted for the number of industry.

is a rental house in this industry, promotion is also very good in the net, because a lot of rental keywords, in the first page of search engine. So what are the people online promotion?

bought the express service, information is the red title "urgent", can be attractive in the common information.

most urgent

as the search engine marketing is more and more intense, the search engine optimization flooding technology, resulting in promotion expenses in the search platform of enterprise more and more high, the effect is getting worse. Small and medium-sized enterprises in order to maintain and develop customers, we must constantly look for a suitable platform for the promotion and channel.

paid promotion

through the promotion that most urgent is the most effective way of promotion. The following two reasons: the title tail contains red "most urgent", to attract users to click, click to improve the information rate; the purchase of the most urgent service after a week are ranked in the category of the first page of the top three, which means that users in the category, the first sight of your promotion the information, greatly improve the amount of information browsing.

Figure seven: Figure three: the most urgent

, a free way to promote

buy change service, information will be displayed at the top of the page (with 58 auction price will be the same in the city), fluctuate according to the number of purchase.

(3) is

purchase price

Figure six:

the free release information

express logo

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in the same category each month only two free refresh times.

Figure four: top of the If


display position

ranked the most urgent top

free refresh

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