Why do some sites for a long time no matter ranking but getting better

chain is not going to do every day, the chain only when the search engine spiders to little or almost not appropriate to do, come to our website to attract the spider crawling and grab our site information. I carefully analyzed a few websites on hand, not to do when the chain spider comes to pretty much every day, once the appropriate increase in the chain but fewer spiders. It may be they will think you do the chain is the chain of garbage, I used to think so, but then I was also tested several articles submitted by the site, the result is still the same. I want to contribute and be recommended to the first page of the article brought outside the chain, this should be regarded as the probability of the chain of garbage is very low. Many people will say that you have submitted the article with your site theme >

More and more people are now engaged in the Shanghai dragon


through the above we can see that the webmaster confused problem is for those who do not love Shanghai now is how to manage the website to better and more stable rankings, but for those who often take care of the rankings but not so stable.

updateWhy does

, the first to analyze the past the station is useful for

analysis station update is useful? In fact, this is very important. If you have updated search engines rarely, so that the quality of your love is not recognized in Shanghai or frame. Then we will immediately slow down, what is to find out the factors that really exist, is the quality of low value, or the frame problem. If the value is low, then you should reduce the frequency of updates, with enough time to create high value content. If the frame problem, it is recommended that you change, change to let the love of Shanghai recognized so far.

industry, everyone wants their website ranking can have a long-term stable ranking on the home page. Some confusing things often appear in reality, it is found that you will always have some website basically is the webmaster to throw, the ranking is often better every day, this is why? Don’t love Shanghai again soared convulsion degree. I give you see other recent owners of the situation encountered similar problems:

second, outside the chain to analyze the past the update is right

look at the person of enterprise practice, he is not like most of the webmaster so hard every day to update the article, to send the chain. But the update frequency is very low, you see he 1~2 weeks to update 1 articles in the station, and the chain is also not to do. Simple said he was half a month’s job is to send an article and are free to change Links. While most of the other station within half the work is often more than these, may work more than that of dozens of times, some even hundreds of times, but the website ranking results? Better than he. Why is this? It is good to analyze which part of your lost it, here is some opinion published personal:

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