Why love Shanghai cancel the news source, is forced to master the quality of content

1) forced traditional news source site promotion content quality


content, only on the news source as the judgment of whether the selected news search results and show the effectiveness of standard, has seemed quite unwell.

today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform announcement announced:

search engine as the core of the Internet users daily entrance, must be of high quality content are professional, so it will give the four major portals, and the weight of some professional vertical portal websites are higher, the information released for the first time included, is an authoritative source of information. This will ensure that the quality of Internet users to search and browse the contents of the.

What is the

refers to the so-called news source, those who meet the standard search engine quality content sites, the station will be the first time by search engines and is the priority included, as the source of network.

news source is the era of upgrading content for

But with the advent of the era of

news source has its particularity, the earliest Internet information content is not the same prosperity, are scattered individual stationmaster organization of the BBS forum, with access to commercial power production, professional content portals began to rise, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, the four major portals have been rising and become the backbone of the content of the site.

the love of Shanghai to cancel the news source, it means that many sites lie get traffic, lying to make money era is over, if you need to get the same treatment, we must focus on

"for love Shanghai to upgrade timeliness content recognition technology, the original independent news source database forms are no longer suitable for use, so cancel the news source database. The original news source in the library of best quality sites will be invited in Webmaster Platform club VIP site have the priority to show in the timeliness of the retrieval results, at the same time enjoy more services provided by the VIP club."

news source is love Shanghai at the technical level of the upgrade, through technology can achieve the whole network quality content judgment, rather than rely on a single news source into the whole environment is the flow.

Cancel the

currently has entered the era of the outbreak of the content era, the media have been rising, either the timeliness and depth of content, some news sources included the site previously began to show some decline, its competitiveness has also been affected. For example, the portal due to too much emphasis on timeliness, and because of the love of Shanghai news source privilege, if things go on like this, in the quality of the content is also declining, are detrimental for the search engine and portal users.

simple a few words, but the original several pattern began to quietly change, and this thing in the entire contents of outlet interpretation, there is great significance of the times.

news source?

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