The number of site outside the chain of slow growth analysis

2. chain form

said: "we may understand the audit audit more, is in love with sea received your articles, but also may carry on" two review "of your article, only checked to put out, according to the same ha it network Xiaobian for many years the chain work experience, Xiaobian outside there is also the chain mechanism, especially foreign chain lack of regular one-time release of a large number of the chain, the audit time will be very long, even included directly deleted again, no chance to see the light, so you outside of the chain also will stop growing or slow snake powder to avoid the chain, so we review Shanghai love machine to increase the number of the chain website.

according to years of experience, the chain of time if you have rules, do regular fixed quantity, so the chain growth will be very obvious, generally as long as the chain do today included, the total number of second days will give you the chain to you, on the other hand, if the chain is lack of regularity, and the chain is you today issued has been included in the search engine, the number will not be second days or even longer period of time is displayed, it will cause the chain growth or slow phenomenon, so the chain regularity can be steadily increased the number with the chain, the chain to reduce our heart the pressure caused by the.

1. chain irregularity caused by

the number of the chain has been arguably the most troubled owners of data, because when you are in the chain you will worry about the site, because the chain is too much and have been implicated in the chain of punishment, and less time, and tangled website ranking is not good due to the chain of less cause, can be described as "the chain also worry about the chain less worry ah, ha ha today it network for webmasters to unlock the chain less the slow growth of the knot, I hope help.

There are many

written in the last 4.

site outside the chain growth factors, these can be found on the Internet, here is not long winded, ha ha it Xiaobian want to say is: the number of the chain is not to be neglected, but the chain of mentality to adjust, not purely to the chain chain, the chain number or both less or not, must have a good attitude to face, the chain itself is a dynamic data, don’t scare myself, especially in the chain on the site

in the previous article about the chain has a variety of forms, and we work with the owners check out or domain out is actually love Shanghai about, that is the number of your domain name on the Internet page, so if you are outside of the chain is mainly Links, pictures or links the anchor text chain form that will not check out, the number will increase, so if the number of pursuit of the chain goes up when the chain can be appropriate to do the chain "- plaintext plain text or hyperlinks" form, so that when you will find the number of queries you outside of the chain on the increase.

3. chain audit by


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