Webmaster website optimization techniques do know the head


website optimization is one of the main factors to achieve site keywords ranking, through the website to bring good benefits for the webmaster, you need to head the contents of every webmaster friends carefully designed website, here the author some website optimization techniques and share head. Friendly reminder: every novice webmaster friends head set to do what, not greedy nor be greedy.

two, website optimization settings skills. Head

1, title website optimization techniques


(1) Title Keywords: for the usage of the best number of keywords in three or less than three, otherwise the weight too scattered won’t give very good keywords ranking, this is a piece of cake cake principle, three points is not 1/3 person, if the people crossed so get less cake.

site: the head is composed of title, description, keyword.

(4) title between keywords symbol settings: title >

(2) Title Keyword Selection: the keyword choosing to make detailed analysis on the website of the industry, as far as possible to avoid the edge, give full play to the idea of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, select the optimal keyword set, considering the price good keywords, this makes the webmaster for the best profit by minimum cost.

Title: 1, the title of the site with high weight, born, is one of the factors determining the site keywords ranking.

(3) benefit and brand Title settings: because the title keyword sequence will affect the weight of keywords, the keywords weight before the website gives higher efficiency for focusing on Web site webmaster friends set the best website keywords on the front, the brand on the back (or word do not set up the brand, but the unique love Shanghai website is a preference, it is best to set the brand word). Pay attention to the brand of brand owners can do in front of the word, the word brand keywords on the back, it can highlight the brand website, rely on search engines to reduce late in the expansion of the site.

2, Description: the description of the website, the website is the main content of the introduction, description users can clearly understand the site, which is about the choice of the customer browsing, keyword ranking effect after title.


3, keyword: the keyword of the website search engine, from now on view, very little effect seems to keyword on the website keywords ranking play.

, head of

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