From the Bible to optimize the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment (two)

and mass is different, each industry has its own authoritative directory, find and submit. It can not only help included, more important is to enhance the website weight, but also enhance the correlation. This website is a cumulative. Sometimes a strong correlation between the website Web site to help is beyond imagination.

review: from the Bible are noble baby optimization Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment (1)


observation of spider

site is a simple matter, do not need to submit to many search engines, only need to submit the mainstream search engine on the line, and then forget about this thing. Do some things should be done, such as updating the content, such as the construction of the link and so on. Don’t repeat submission.

address and source, do not underestimate these, will help to excavate the long tail keywords and grasp the direction of promotion. Most of the time, only to know whether the effect, if not do or do not detect, then cannot provide recommendations for the next stage of the work.

The opening of the site of

website to submit

The main idea here is to record the user

directoryDirectory of

to do Links, now do Links platform very much, also very much, such as Q group and >

recording and tracking


opened the website needs to pay attention to five points, one is the best use of IP alone, IP alone is a bit expensive, but it can ensure that the spider is index; all two pages have links to other pages; three is the distance from the home page click on all the web pages should not be more than two times, finally all pages have a menu system; four is set to ensure that the site was opened; five is if there is a budget, please pay to open directory. The five point is not difficult, the difficulty is many webmaster do it all.

The theme of the

in the previous article, we respectively and summarizes the eight Shanghai dragon revelation, I believe we will remember very clearly, there is something we are very familiar with, while others are a little strange, sometimes a small detail could help to enhance trust and website ranking, this is Shanghai dragon wonderful place. The above today, continue to do the divergent thinking, can think of as much as possible to express love, also we have more exchanges.

to see if you finish crawling the entire web site, in general, the search engine will be on the website directory and link to crawl, unless you use the robots banned spider, if not prohibited in case of some spiders not to crawl, so should see your website internal links if there is a problem. However, if this is a new online website, you need to wait for a period of time, because the spider may spend more time to find and crawl your page.


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