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believe that every new Shanghai dragon keyword optimization for this novice has a goal, determined to become a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, become the industry master get good grades. It really is like this, I started to enter the Shenzhen website optimization when this line of thought so, thinking since the decision in this line will make a difference in this line can reflect their own value. Just this practice has been over a year, that is still on a treadmill, I did not shorten between the actual and target distance, but a little farther. The reason, I think maybe it’s because I this year has no clear direction, do not understand how to achieve this goal towards the direction of. Still want to become the industry elite, so re-examine themselves and the distance between the target, clear oneself to become a good Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel need to possess the basic qualities which, and the required skills. I gradually summarize the previous experience and lessons from the predecessors to understand, to become a master in Shenzhen Shanghai dragon optimization, website construction of Shanghai Longfeng optimization industry can make a difference, some of the basic quality of the following must have.

we all understand, website optimization said that simple and complex complex, the chain construction, simple to simple website content and Links, which for most of Shanghai Longfeng optimization workers is not a difficult task, it is an easy thing. It is just the website optimization work can be reflected in the very slow, need to go through a long process you can see the results of their efforts, but before the more time you will feel the work seems pointless, constantly doubt their determination to persevere, there may even be crazy to give up. At this time, new Shanghai Longfeng people need optimization persistence and patience enough, as in the past to and strengthen our optimization work, because it is like we dug, dug fast when water screeching stop our work, eventually no water to drink. We do Shenzhen website design or other industry site too, was immediately after the observation period to see the results, you can give up halfway the results, as can be imagined.

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need to experience life innumerable choices, to make a correct judgment before to make their own choices in every time, finally make a wise choice. We engaged in Shanghai Longfeng keyword optimization, insist on do website optimization work, and strive to improve the site keywords ranking and flow conversion.

so, as a construction site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, especially want to become a master of the new Shanghai dragon optimization, must first have the quality of patience is to persevere, to optimize our work. Continue to adhere to the original writing, constantly breakthrough yourself, will do a better job of optimization.

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