A short video of the Carnival on Entrepreneurial mimicrySummary of a site for a novice and some sugg

it’s not innovation, it’s a compromise of reality, because of the domestic user creativity

my first contact with the Internet was in high one, in 2000. I remember very clearly, in an Internet bar inside, the Internet cafe’s boss gave me the election of the machine, taught me the internet. That is what all don’t understand, holding the mouse did not know how to use, at random, the pay 20 dollars to Internet access fees, only less than 10 minutes to go out, because you don’t really understand what they don’t know little, chaos. Time in the past 10 years, although he claims to be network age ten years, but I still know little about network technology, just know a little fur. So now back when to station, no technology, no purpose, no idea, a whole "three noes" of personnel, rushed to buy the domain name space, in a hurry on the line, is really admire oneself. I believe the intention is to practice it, and no other idea, if that is to make money, my income has now occupation can maintain my high quality of life, if it is boring, I can put your feet up to watch adult action movies in the office, just because of his chest. A restless heart. So I built a station.

1, before setting up, must have a clear goal. Web site is like an article, must be the central theme to be clear, only clear the center, you can better expand your web site, no more than others

but in order not to cause the same competition, I am still in his suggestion, the revision, the website now has changed an interface, but the root things haven’t changed, I also slowly to do, stick with it, anyway, have to do this up, out of pity.

followers explore new ways, Vine copy can not afford,

can not afford learningAlthough the This is a

Viddy Slogan is to "create and share video interesting and simple way", Vine in App Store’s description reads "Create short, beautiful looping, videos in a simple and fun way. the similarity of the two close to the literal translation, emphasize and guide users to create interesting content.

but this craze swept not only the domestic market, after Vine, Instagram launched a short video acquisition function, Yahoo short video products Qwiki, Line "microchip" function with the on-line version, foreigners have not been idle.

micro Slogan is "8 seconds short video sharing", the second shot Slogan for the "mobile phone video, the second moment", emphasizes the features and gameplay. Of course, such a description and description of the Viddy than the Vine ready to accept either course easier for users to understand what this product, but also exposed the domestic followers in the play’s difference, emphasizes the creation of content to a certain extent, but not that interesting.

concern is three questions: how to copy the product after the localization of survival? Strong and strong social media Sina Tencent "short" soldiers is the winner? Small start-up companies will not be giants play dead?

there is no doubt that in the social product has been several APP monopoly, users and Internet Co will need new gameplay to meet the social needs of overload and short video, innovation is one of the few, in the domestic and foreign alike, so the domestic and foreign Internet Co of this wave of pursuit is not strange.


China’s Internet is a magical wall of promise, and when you say "XX products if you have a Chinese version", open App Store, and you will find your wishes come true.

in the form of products, from the play to take micro with Viddy, Vine and other products, is nothing more than to hold the same shot, loosen the pause, but like Sina micro-blog and Twitter, in the domestic market, these buddies will eventually find their own play.

this time, I’m starting to worry about being discovered by my buddies. So what am I going to say?. After much deliberation, decided to tell him about the day to call him, but he has not met the urgent matter, said, I also forgot the stubble. Did not expect, or was he found me the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked, secretly copied his website, re built a. But he was very generous, did not say anything to me, but also encouraged me to do this site. Here, I want to borrow a A5 network, with Ben said, brothers life thanks

short video content is APP, after the beginning of the launch of Vine Twitter, the new project "Youtube founder play racket" in April this year on sale, the first half of Weico team launched the "micro film", Iqiyi launched the "pops odd", "Sina dazzle" company on the horse "seconds", Tencent push "micro", a time of raging like a storm.

here, I want to say something about my feelings or suggestions to newcomers who haven’t come in or have already come in this industry:

the beginning of the establishment of the time, I was completely taken my buddy Ben website templates to build, what are the same, web page layout, site keywords, website color, some website optimization, all learn from him, I started to practice is the most, so also didn’t want to so much. Results after the completion of construction, I just follow copied to the Internet, insist on the chain every day, insist on doing this website is updated daily, actually I worked with, but if the keywords ranking is not low.

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