Dry cargo 3 love Shanghai keywords weight lifting technology, to help you in the top 3.

two, do this line is optimized only will optimize it? If you think so, it is destined to be a Commissioner of the chain. I think that optimization is the door, understand everything the expert, not only to understand the optimization, but also to understand the front, but also to understand the program, if you can understand the point of art, the best copywriting level again, ha ha, Shanghai Longfeng optimization that is the most niubi.

unfortunately, this perfect person is really rare, so we should not be too greedy, know a little programming. Some people will be tired, why do optimization but also to understand the program? How about you do not engage in website open source? You don’t contact with the open source program template? Do people write a template you used them also? "

every day talking about the optimization, we must talk about weight every day, do not trouble trouble? It really can not blame you, because in the optimization of all know that something moving in the past as nothing can share a little smarter dry cargo, see a dozen soft article also know how to do. But, but, but (important words three times), the real master is on the details of the optimization to win, such as these love Shanghai keywords weight lifting technology, maybe you have seen, but not really practical, do not believe it to try

said the details for you today, but also our own in use, and the ranking has been good, especially for the inside pages, it is absolutely awesome. In general we title not using the above method, but the shorter title + keywords long title, and does not appear to repeat the title, if the home, should be placed in front of the word brand, such as: the children draw pictures for children Daquan – based tutorial, the title is the painting as a whole website Daquan brand word show, is a bit Mongolia? To learn before a bit different? Haha, I’m still a little explanation. Because you will brand keywords in the first place, the search engine will think, addressing words of the website is needed, at the same time will think your site is the best, then in the same elevation, will not give you a good rankings? This is the love sea weight lifting the most important keywords ranking step.

, I believe we already know how to title this thing to do, and has been "God" say bad, for example, the weights are passed sequentially from left to right, the right to lower the weight of keywords; to mix it up, and then re arrangement, so that a title will contain N keywords that is not the feeling of harvest


and some other so-called skills I will not say, because these things you people will certainly know, the search engine, it can become dry cargo? You imagine, if every webmaster of the keywords list, then, is not everyone’s site has rankings? So, do Shanghai dragon still want to find the methods.

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