2013 search prospects, who can kill love Shanghai

3 information more safe and reliable, it is said that when the user search keywords clearly point to a website, 360 search will show the official website address should be certified free, not to the bidding sales website keywords.

360, because although before 360, 3721 search, a rogue lineage, but the 360 is one of the few can really bring threat to the love of Shanghai enterprises, soso Sogou of poor quality, can not find the direction of Google, even the doors are not directly, so the existence of 360 anyhow, let us see the hope to the webmaster. 15 and the 360 announced open platform strategy, which includes three points:

1 resources, according to the 360 official said that the 360 and has thousands of technology companies, in music, video, maps and other popular areas were the integration of industry leading technology resources, cool, Youku potatoes and High German these famous names from 15 onwards became the 360 most capable partner.

In fact, I have been more like

2360 searches for similar data users preferential competition, will be the most preferential data show in 360 with the box, at the same time, reduced from the side of the mobile phone users to download the application software of the risk.

4 this is the most important point, is the 360 announced not to accept any form of medical advertising, the user back to a clean and reliable search environment, this is a direct fan a slap in the face of love Shanghai.

2012 has been almost a month, or stationmaster industry development in stability, not what big movement, is not immutable and frozen, low-key on-line search and so on December 17th, January 15th, 360 announced a high-profile vertical search into its products, whether it is a low tone sitting in their own products, or high-profile cause in 2013 the industry shock, the search industry will not smooth soap operas, because everyone has to love Shanghai tired.

of the four strokes can be said to reflect the 360 and Shanghai love fighting determination in the end, the face of a more powerful opponent, I love Shanghai certainly to present their own shortcomings and correct, and love Shanghai’s recent work also showed that the relative vulnerability to improve their work.

is the first to improve their content construction, from improving the search box early, then later love Shanghai Wikipedia editing restrictions, love Shanghai to provide their own services in the increasingly high demand, especially the love from Shanghai portal hired Zhang Jun manager, apparently on their improvement in the level of text the great. The main battlefield of the content construction is always 360 to attack Shanghai love, true love Shanghai does have a bad place in these areas, the homogenization of content, advertising and so on are shortcomings, but compared to 360 or more than sufficient, especially love, love the sea, Shanghai know 100 and white reading Arts in user groups the viscosity is very high, and love in Shanghai 2>

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