Experience can learn from The Legend of Zhen Huan in Shanghai Longfeng experience

the first to talk about the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" a bit of feeling after reading, after the Shanghai dragon experience. Harem of three thousand, to always get the love of the emperor, the emperor’s heart will know. In many years, Zhen Huan has ups and downs in disgrace, complex graces should become three thousand to Scarlett in the grace of a woman not only because of her beauty, her talent, it is because she learned more about her "pillow", know that the emperor likes and dislikes, know how to do to get the Emperor’s trust and favor. This is my biggest reading comprehension, so the story and we do have the same great Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai to sort out the relationship between the angle of the dragon, the user is the search engine is the emperor, the empress dowager, and those of us who is the webmaster pinfei. The user decides the development of search engine, search engine has also been guided, and the webmaster only to please the search engine, then you will be able to search to the user. So we in the site, the webmaster will need to enter the palace, submitted to our website for the search engine grab and included. There are many rules the house, did not want to enter into, we need to be able to comply with the rules of the palace. Get ranked in the webmaster website, is not such a truth, must first be a search engine to crawl the site, so the first to enter after will need to be found by love.

First, we use


after entering the palace, as long as the Emperor (user) search, have the opportunity in the bedroom, how many beauty group is Shanghai dragon knowledge, talent shows itself, mainly from two aspects: the station optimization and stood outside optimization. From the inside, said first station optimization. The station optimization, is mainly pushed yourself, it can be divided into two categories, called "makeup" and "conservation". Makeup as the name suggests, is to dress up, what to wear, what to wear headgear, wipe rouge, lipstick painted what what, with what perfume, is exquisite, exquisite skills of these. (Yu Yifei Series) you see people from Zhen Huan, just entered the house to become elegant, gorgeous back to the palace, each period is just perfect. To use "Shanghai dragon, also some techniques of the method, here I will not outline, we can understand love with Shanghai search guide. This is what we often say that the site can not be impatient, only step by step, the step is done, it must be >

last time, "The Legend of Zhen Huan" is the fire, some netizens even lamented the audience seeking miss class charmed housewife, my mother. Today is not to say that the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" story, but through this drama can realize some truth in Shanghai dragon. Some people say, you’re the baloney, a TV series and also how we optimize the industry contact. In fact, we do not want the Shanghai dragon is a divergent thinking, where there are hot spots, where there is our existence. Everything is related, we just want to see from which angle, when we found out, it will give people a bright eyes of surprise.

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