Discussion on how to choose the wrong keywords flow interception accident

this one word can see someone search, but because it is a mistake, we can see what the site basically no competition. As long as we mistake the reasonable use of the word appropriate keywords layout, we will easily get through this one word traffic accident.


wrong is a good way for the small site for the traffic accident, but when using this method we should be moderate, excessive use will be your site should lose professional degree. I hope this is helpful for you.



for the grass-roots webmaster want to use search engines to get more traffic and not a very simple thing. Some of the high traffic keywords are often large and medium-sized site firmly in the hands, if we directly in these words with these large and medium-sized sites against, often just egg stone, with little success. Some Adsense might suggest that we do indeed have the long tail keywords, long tail keywords competition is small, easy to get traffic effect. But the long tail keywords also have certain competitive, so there is no way is more efficient and low degree of competition? Yes, I today share a how to intercept the traffic accident with the wrong word wrong way.

I have a QQ on the exchange website, mainly for the QQ of some of the latest business activities, etc.. In the previous stage QQ launched a new service "QQ drill emperor", after its introduction there is love Shanghai index is very high, as shown below.

above we can see that a word search results page has been Tencent贵族宝贝 and several major portals dominated, if this word in the short term it is difficult to see the effect. This time we can use some long tail keywords, such as "how to open a business drill emperor" and so on, but these words still have some competition. If there is less competition word? Yes, just as I mentioned in the wrong keywords, we know that when users search for a word, will inevitably make mistakes such as spelling, "QQ drill emperor" and some people may hit "QQ drill yellow", it also has a certain amount of search the love of Shanghai, the index is shown.

first explain the keywords, QQ Huang drilling is a new QQ service launched. We all know that the current Tencent in the country have the user group is wide, the launch of a business will naturally caused great concern. In the figure we can see after the launch of the search volume reached 63000. Naturally I cannot pass this site a keyword. But the search for this one word, can see the search results but let the author flinch.


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