Beginners guide to web log analysis

site log, view the log from code to log analysis of the problem solving is well known. In fact, web log analysis is not difficult, but the novice don’t understand the meaning, will have a problem. Slowly see more web log you will understand the meaning. I am here to lucky racing site log as an example, to novice how to quick start this work.


spider crawling the return type of


#Date: 2013->

2, The analysis is very easy for the old webmaster work

(4) code 302, said the temporary redirect.

in the spider crawling will return code, by viewing the loan status can be seen crawling results, the main HTTP status code has the following categories:

in the web log, the spider has the following categories: general name of love Shanghai -> Baiduspider, noble baby -> BOT, Msn -> noble baby; MSNBot Yahoo, -> Slurp, yodao -> YoudaoBot, Sogou; -> Sogou+get+spider. In the log, as long as the above search spider name, you can see the type of spider crawling traces.

(6) code 500, said the program is wrong.

(1) code 200, said the spider crawling normal.

3, log interpretation of

(5) code 301, said the permanent redirect.

spider introduced the name of

#Version: 1.0

#Software: Microsoft Internet Information Services 6.0

In fact,

(3) code 404, the link to visit the wrong link. This error link, one hand from there was later deleted ", on the other hand may come from there, but other people outside the chain of a dead link.

code did not you think so hard, I just do the optimization work, contact the lottery website code, I really think the webmaster in cool, so difficult to lucky racing 贵族宝贝 Web log code can understand, admiration for words. In a period of time after the web log, it is not their cattle, I was a rookie. My own words, on the web log analysis of entry time will be longer, to share some experience here, believe that for the novice get started quickly.

(2) code 304, said that since the last grab, the content is not updated. In general, the website pictures often will return this value.

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