2015 New Year’s day love Shanghai K how to deal with what reason

Research Institute Shanghai dragon network researcher found that the K station so many webmasters design scope, be taken by surprise, the design depth in 2014 several love Shanghai adjustment doesn’t match. Just when everyone said of the situation, Shanghai Dragon Network Research Association launched the Shanghai Association for the study of Xiao Chai Longfeng network observers were analyzed one by one investigation and the phenomenon of webmaster feedback problems.

love the official website of Shanghai

, an industry keyword ranking fell

four, website full time dropped

three, the website ranking no, including the name of the web site ranking

Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network official website ranking disappear

Shanghai Longfeng Research Association news: 2015 New Year’s day, new year, a wonderful moment. However, the Shanghai dragon ER and webmaster, this is an extraordinary new year. In the new year’s day at the beginning of January 1, 2015, Shanghai love search engine had a wide range of large fluctuations, resulting in large quantities of website ranking is down, included reducing the flow speed reduction, the weight is reduced, some sites even worse. When people are addicted to the new year happy when the webmaster circle broke new year second due to the quiet.


but the response from the current situation, the whole network is K phenomenon is not much. Most of them are the decline in ranking and ranking, led to a decline in a series of reactions, such as flow rate decreased, weight loss and so on love in Shanghai.

words group grow coffee reactionAccording to the

two, the website have included page speed reduction

while not qualitative, nor do I have any messages of love Shanghai official, but initially identified several phenomena:

from the current situation of speculation, the reason why.Cn and贵族宝贝.cn sites implicated, there may be subject to the relevant departments of the state intervention on the overall domestic domain name website filtering investigation result. During this period, some users in response of love Shanghai had time to visit.



,.Cn and贵族宝贝.cn were the largest

five, stop or reduce the new collection of


from the current "response to the situation, the abnormal website has a few kinds:

response from the current point of view, most of the sites belonging to the.Cn suffix site. Shanghai Longfeng industry professional website of Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network (www. Shanghai, xiehui.cn) is no exception, received a great deal of involvement, even search Shanghai Longfeng Research Association Network official website name, can not search to the station.



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